What “It Bag” You Should Buy, According to Your Zodiac Sign

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you probably love an “It bag” or two. The problem is that there are so many amazing choices out there, and our wallets can’t afford all of them. Picking a bag that defines our style requires some investigation, not only budget-wise but also personality-wise.  This is where our astrological … Read more

Weekly Horoscope: Mars Is In Retrograde

Prepare yourselves for this weekly horoscope! Mars, the planet of action, aggression, and passion, begins its planetary retrograde on October 30 and lasts until January 12, 2023. This means that we should be conserving our energy and asserting ourselves in the situations that are important — not frivolous. We may find that our temperaments are … Read more

Which Taylor Swift “Midnights” Song Are You, Per the Zodiac?

Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album Midnights is here at last — with seven additional surprise tracks to boot. (Cue Swifties celebrating their half-right double album theory.) Fans are already delving into the songs, trying to find hidden meanings and easter eggs in the cryptic clues being dropped. Luckily, we are able to show the meaning … Read more

Weekly Horoscope: Keep Your Friends Close and Your BFFs Closer

This weekly horoscope brings the most magical day of the year for all the lovebirds in the world. October 22 brings the passionate Sun and romantic planet Venus together, forming an astrological aspect that will soften even a curmudgeon like The Simpsons’ Mr. Burns. Therefore, the week ahead is geared toward relationships, friendships, creativity, and … Read more

Queer Dating Guide By Zodiac Sign: What Your Sign Wants in Love

October 11 marks National Coming Out Day, a time when queer people young and old choose to bring others in on their identity, or remember the first time they ever did. Coming out can be an important step for some people, or a no-big-deal kind of thing for others. And, some may not be able … Read more

Weekly Horoscope: Patience Is Key

This weekly horoscope calls for us all to be patient with ourselves and others. Instead of rushing through projects, arguments, relationships, and schoolwork, it’s important to take our time and fully grasp the situation. This will bring an understanding that can strengthen bonds and allow us to see matters from an outside perspective. Libra September … Read more

Weekly Horoscope: Don’t Forget to Focus On Yourself

Even though Libra season has officially begun with this weekly horoscope and we are all caught up in relationships, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t spend time helping ourselves become better individuals. By giving ourselves time to blossom and evolve, we can become the people we’ve always wanted to be. The trick to doing so … Read more