Becky G Opened Up About the “OG BG” Look That Makes Her Cringe

Since bursting into the scene over a decade ago, Becky G has come a long way — and so has her fashion sense. To accompany her Teen Vogue September cover story, the Mexican-American superstar sat down with us for her own Fan Survey video and took the chance to take a walk down (sartorial) memory lane. If … Read more

Becky G Knows She Has 7 Celebrity Doppelgängers

Celebrity doppelgängers are thrilling, strange, and a TikTok rabbit hole you can get lost in forever. There’s a longstanding theory that every human has a doppelgänger, but Becky G? Oh, Becky G has 7. In her new Fan Survey interview, the September 2022 cover star of Teen Vogue guessed how 233 of her most loyal … Read more

Becky G’s “Shower” Was Originally Written for a Different Pop Icon

Becky G’s fun 2014 hit “Shower” put her on the pop music map, but it almost didn’t happen — because the song was originally written for Katy Perry. In her Teen Vogue cover story, Becky opened up about the impact of “Shower” on her career. “It wasn’t written for me,” she told writer Maria Sherman. … Read more

En un punto, Becky G fue una superestrella sin seguro médico

Lo que está oculto en la historia del éxito de Becky G es su lucha. Becky comparte que, debido a su carrera como actriz infantil, algunos de sus compañeros de clase le hicieron bullying. No se graduó de la escuela secundaria, sino que abandonó los estudios para centrarse en mantener económicamente a su familia. Así … Read more

Becky G Was Once a Superstar With No Healthcare

But I might have one. A couple of hours into our meal, when I get the sense that I’ve earned her confidence, I lob an abstract query Becky’s way, half-expecting a canned response. With everything she has accomplished in the last decade, has her definition of success changed? “Absolutely,” she says, taking a sip of … Read more