‘There are physiological reasons why your brain feels full up after a day’s work’

Sharing an interesting article posted by Dr Katharine Morrison at Diabetes Diet site Adapted from Medscape, Why our brains wear out at the end of the day, F Perry Wilson Aug 15 2022 We can all recognise from our own experience that as a long day goes on, our performance on mental tasks gets worse. In … Read more

5 Tips For Talking With Your Teen About Using Substances – Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement

Raising children is a difficult task that only strengthens when that child becomes a teen. During adolescence, it is a time of discovering who they are, and they will often test their boundaries. This is why it is crucial to talk to your teen before they begin testing their limits regarding substance use. It can … Read more

Brain cancer widow calls for equitable access to chemotherapy treatment in Canada | Globalnews.ca

When Jessica Soares of Beeton, Ont., lost her beloved husband Paulo, affectionately known as ‘Paul,’ he was only 39 years old. “His battle was 31 months, and that was with two craniotomies, 53 rounds of radiation and 18 months worth of chemotherapy,” she said. The long and difficult journey started on a typical Sunday afternoon. “It … Read more

Long COVID: Addiction drug shows promise in treating brain fog, fatigue – National | Globalnews.ca

Lauren Nichols, a 34-year-old logistics expert for the U.S. Department of Transportation in Boston, has been suffering from impaired thinking and focus, fatigue, seizures, headache and pain since her COVID-19 infection in the spring of 2020. Last June, her doctor suggested low doses of naltrexone, a generic drug typically used to treat alcohol and opioid … Read more

I Need This Pic of Evan Mock Wearing a Corset Tattooed on My Brain

Evan brought the ’70s glamour at Tom Ford, rocking a purple jacket, slim white pants, boots, and a grey turtleneck. Victor Boyko/Getty Images  For Diesel, Evan posed in a light-wash denim jacket and patterned baggy cargo pants, plus a pair of sunglasses. Christian Vierig/Getty Images Evan traveled to Milan for the shows and hit the … Read more

Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell’s Iconic Premiere ‘Fits Will Live Rent-Free in My Brain

If Chalamet’s love of – and influence on – fashion is already well established, Russell has proved herself an industry favorite in the making in recent weeks. Take the fact that the 28-year-old opened Jonathan Anderson’s spring/summer 2023 offering for Loewe in a velvet Renaissance-inspired dress. “I always had this vision of her opening the … Read more

Immune reactions to severe Covid may trigger brain problems, study finds

Severe Covid infections can cause immune reactions that damage nerve cells in the brain, causing memory problems and confusion, and potentially raising the risk of long-term health issues, research suggests. Scientists at King’s College London found that a wayward immune response to the virus increased the death rate of neurons and had a “profound” impact … Read more

Synthetic embryos made without sperm or egg formed brain, beating heart: study – National | Globalnews.ca

Two teams of scientists have independently created synthetic mouse embryos in a lab without using eggs or sperm cells in a major leap forward for the field of developmental and stem cell biology. Scientists were able to nurture these embryos to form a brain, a beating heart and the foundations for all other organs in … Read more