Bangers and Mash … a great British Supper

Bangers and mash, also known as sausages and mash, is a quintessential British meal… but you may be wondering how sausages ended up with the nickname “bangers.”  Well, it dates back to World War I, when food shortages necessitated the use of fillers (mostly water) in meat. The high-water content and tight casings often caused the sausages … Read more

British Producer LAR Delivers His Dreamy Melodic House EP “Haze” on Monstercat – DOPECAUSEWESAID

Following his transportive EP ‘Coast / Together’ with Bound to Divide and miksklim, Stockholm-based producer LAR returns to Monstercat with his deep melodic house EP, ‘Haze.’ Spanning four soothing instrumental tracks on the package, “Haze” is backed by an elegant blend of jazz-fueled notes and calming piano chords, while “Hardway” immerses listeners in a groovy … Read more

“The Crown” Season 5 Has Buckingham Palace “Concerned”

The much anticipated release of The Crown’s fifth and penultimate season is set for November 9. Following the recent death of the late Queen Elizabeth II, Netflix has decided not to delay the release of the series, despite its coverage of a difficult decade for the Royal Family. Now, according to the Telegraph, Buckingham Palace … Read more

Australia live news update: Albanese meets King and British PM ahead of Queen’s funeral; Australia should ‘accelerate’ to end of pandemic

Key events Show key events only Please turn on JavaScript to use this feature Albanese pays tribute to the Queen, remains unmoved on republic Josh Butler Prime minister Anthony Albanese says it was a “great honour” to meet King Charles in London, but says he hasn’t had cause to reconsider his views about the monarchy … Read more

Hong Kong actor apologises for praising British queen | The Citizen

A veteran Hong Kong opera star apologised and declared his patriotism on Thursday after his praise for Britain’s late Queen Elizabeth II sparked a backlash among nationalists in China. Thousands of Hong Kong residents have queued up outside the city’s British consulate this week to sign a condolence book for the late monarch who died … Read more

Watch: With Charles now king, who’s who among the rest of the senior members of the British royal family? | The Citizen

William Charles’ popular eldest son is now heir apparent, and his modern and socially-conscious outlook – a legacy of his mother Diana – is seen to represent the family’s future. The Duke of Cambridge is a vocal campaigner for environmental issues, and is credited with bringing a more relaxed and personal approach to royal duties … Read more

The Royal Line Of Succession: Who Is Next In Line For The British Throne?

Editor’s Note: Queen Elizabeth II died on September 9. This article, which originally appeared in Glamour UK**, was published prior to her death. Having ascended to the British throne in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II is the world’s longest-reigning monarch. Following the royal line of succession, she was crowned after the death of her father, King … Read more