Gas stoves can leak cancer-causing chemical, even when turned off, study shows – National |

Gas stoves in California homes are leaking cancer-causing benzene, researchers found in a new study. Their findings add to a growing body of research that indicate that gas stoves may be hazardous for people’s health as well as the environment — and it’s not just affecting people in California. In the study, published in Environmental … Read more

Hip Hop Meets Alt Pop in Southern California. – Introducing poam: kites

Something about “kites,” the latest track from poam pulled me in right away: it’s smart, it’s groovy, it’s unexpected. This trio of friends from Southern California likes to throw a little bit of everything in the mix. At different times mining their vibes from underground hip-hop, indie soul, electronic, and commercial pop, you could just … Read more

California Web3 Music Pioneer Explores Her Own Dreams. – Lyrah: In the Leaves

Like so many of her generation, Lyrah lives at the intersection of melancholy and wild abandon. At once both brooding and fresh, her art embraces the dichotomy of modern existence with equal parts fluid electronic groove and a choleric poeticism that recalls the manic masterwork of Sylvia Plath. Yet, Lyrah always finds a way to … Read more

Florida Gov Lured Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard in a ‘Cruel’ Stunt

This article was originally published by Vanity Fair. White House officials are reportedly discussing “litigation options” in response to reports that Florida governor Ron DeSantis might have lured dozens of South American migrants onto chartered flights bound for Martha’s Vineyard as part of an anti-immigrant political action. According to Axios, administration officials discussed the matter … Read more

Monkeypox death reported in California, believed to be 1st in U.S. – National |

A Los Angeles County resident with a compromised immune system has died from monkeypox, local health officials announced Monday. It’s believed to be the first U.S. fatality from the disease. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health announced the cause of death, and a spokesperson said it was confirmed by an autopsy. The patient … Read more

A Massive Chevron Refinery Fire Created a Generation of Activists

Khansouvong: My parents came to Richmond to escape the war in Laos. They wanted to find a safe place to raise their kids, to live a better life. When my mom first came here, they didn’t know there was a big oil refinery in our backyard. They found out because there was an explosion at … Read more

What Happens When It’s Too Hot to Work?

Eighteen-year-old Ricardo has been working in the fields for as long as he can remember. His parents emigrated from Oaxaca and Tijuana before he was born; like so many other immigrants before them, they left Mexico in search of a better life, for themselves, Ricardo, and his brothers.  Currently, Ricardo (Teen Vogue is withholding Ricardo’s … Read more

The Downsides of High Schools Pushing Start Times Later

There’s a growing movement to shift high school start times later, in the hopes of better aligning school schedules with the natural sleep schedules of teens. The goal, advocates say, is to make sure students are better rested — and even improve their grades. In 2019, California governor Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill Number 328 … Read more

California budget won’t cover travel expenses for out-of-state abortion seekers – National |

While Gov. Gavin Newsom has pledged to make California a sanctuary for women seeking abortions, his administration won’t spend public money to help people from other states travel to California for the procedure. Newsom’s decision, included in a budget agreement reached over the weekend, surprised abortion advocates who have been working with the governor for … Read more

Inside the History of Sex Worker Organizing in the U.S.

When dancers at the Star Garden strip club in the North Hollywood section of Los Angeles first went on strike over three months ago, they weren’t planning to form a union. Initially, they say, they were just trying to call attention to what they maintain are pervasive safety issues in their workplace, and to get … Read more