Canadian governments must fix health-care crisis, workers and advocates urge – National |

By Staff The Canadian Press Posted November 4, 2022 9:52 am Descrease article font size Increase article font size Associations representing Canada’s doctors, nurses and health organizations are calling on governments to work together to solve the health-care crisis that is affecting people across the country. The Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Nurses Association and … Read more

Breast cancer survivor calls for access to routine mammograms for all Canadian women in their 40s |

When Shira Farber turned 40 she asked her family physician about starting routine mammograms. With no family history of breast cancer, and given her age, she said her doctor advised her that there was no rush. “I was really sort of discouraged from starting mammograms. The doctor leaned on the guidelines that were established … … Read more

Nearly 50% of Canadian women ‘feel unprepared’ for menopause. What to expect   – National |

In her late 40s, Janet Ko began experiencing heart palpitations, night sweats and 30 hot flashes a day, she said. Scared she was having heart problems, the Mississauga, Ont., resident saw multiple doctors, but none had linked her symptoms to perimenopause at the time. Ko, now 55, said it took several years of not feeling … Read more

Diagnosing long COVID: Canadian researchers discover unique new clue – National |

Patients and physicians struggling to officially diagnose long COVID may be one step closer to an answer, thanks to new research from a team of Canadian scientists. The researchers at Lawson Health Research Institute have discovered patients with post-COVID-19 condition, known as long COVID, have unique signs in their blood that show rapid changes in … Read more

Endometriosis: Why Canadian women are flocking to a clinic in Bucharest for surgery |

Every year, nearly 100 female and gender-diverse Canadians with endometriosis wind up at the Bucharest Endometriosis Center in Romania for surgery. Global News took a deep dive into what’s driving them to spend thousands of dollars overseas for health care in Romania that’s supposed to be free and accessible at home. From the age of … Read more

Long COVID-19 linked with autoimmune diseases, Canadian study shows – National |

Some long COVID patients suffering symptoms including fatigue and shortness of breath are showing signs of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, suggests a Canadian study that builds on similar findings elsewhere. Manali Mukherjee, who led the study and is a respiratory researcher at McMaster University in Hamilton, said two specific abnormal antibodies, or … Read more

Doctors need licensing streamlined as Canadian health care struggles: advocates – National |

As Canadian health-care systems buckle under the weight of doctor shortages, the past president of the Canadian Medical Association is calling for a national licensing pathway for doctors – and some provinces are on board. The current system, in which each province has its own licensing system, is confusing and bureaucratically cumbersome, particularly for doctors … Read more

Discrimination, climate change among risks to Canadian children, report indicates – National |

By Staff The Canadian Press Posted September 7, 2022 8:02 am Smaller font Descrease article font size –A Larger font Increase article font size A+ An annual report that looks at harms facing Canadian children finds that unintentional injuries pose the biggest risk to kids, followed by poor mental health and systemic discrimination. The study … Read more

Rising Canadian Star Jessia Shares Playful New Single ‘One Of The Guys’

Canadian pop newcomer Jessia shares her latest pop-rock-infused anthem, “One Of The Guys,” following the release of her power ballad “Next Time.” In contrast to the somber feel of her previous single, ‘One of the Guys’ is a scorching anthem. Over a bouncy pop-rock beat with trap undertones, Jessia defies feelings of heartbreak and boosts … Read more