As U.S. abortion bans take midterm centre stage, a clinic helping Canadians faces a crunch – National |

Dr. Warren Hern has clear memories from the years before Roe v. Wade granted women the right to an abortion. He and his medical school classmates would stay up all night caring for sick women. At first, he said he didn’t understand why they were so ill. Then he learned the women had all tried … Read more

1.4M Canadians have experienced prolonged COVID-19 symptoms: StatCan – National |

Around 1.4 million Canadian adults who know or suspect they’ve had COVID-19 say they experienced symptoms months after getting sick, according to new data released Monday by Statistics Canada. The data, released in partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), is the first national look at Canadians who experienced long-term symptoms after a … Read more

Renewed calls for equal access to fertility care, improved benefits for all Canadians |

After losing her second child in October 2019 while she was six months pregnant, Toronto mother Emily Getz set out to reframe her own mindset and that of others when it comes to the world of infertility. “I was completely blindsided. I was really fortunate to conceive Ryder naturally and easily and quickly,” said Getz … Read more

How poverty, not pain, is driving Canadians with disabilities to consider medically-assisted death – National |

“Hello, you’ve reached the provincial health services authority telephone line for medical assistance in dying…” This is the automated recording Joannie Cowie got when she called the government to see if she would be eligible for medical assistance in dying, commonly known as MAiD. It’s an unmistakable message from the government: if you want to … Read more

Half of Canadians believe private options would worsen the health-care system, poll finds |

Half of Canadians believe the creation of new private care options would have a negative impact on the country’s health-care system, an Angus Reid Institute poll suggests. The August online survey of 2,279 adults from across the country found that 32 per cent believe private options would improve the ailing system, while 18 per cent … Read more

Nearly 30% of Canadians report ‘chronic difficulty’ accessing health care: Poll – National |

As Canada’s health-care system continues to grapple with staffing shortages, long wait times and emergency room closures, nearly 30 per cent of Canadians report “chronic difficulty” accessing care, new polling shows. The survey results published by the Angus Reid Institute on Wednesday found that an equivalent of nine million Canadian adults said that it was … Read more

Canadians wait in pain for orthopaedic surgery amid record backlogs: ‘Only getting worse’ – National |

Up until last week, 15-year-old Cassiel Brisebois asked his mother every day if she’d heard anything about when his spinal surgery would be. But he’s luckier than most. Thanks to his mother’s diligent efforts and the arrival of a new surgeon, there’s still a wait but the surgery is coming up faster than originally expected. … Read more

About half of Canadians are worried about monkeypox outbreak, survey says |

A Halifax research firm has found that about half of Canadians are concerned about monkeypox to some extent. In a report published on Thursday, Narrative Research said about 53 per cent of Canadians said they were “to some extent” concerned, while 28 per cent weren’t concerned at all. The survey was conducted on 1,233 adult … Read more

Mental health and COVID-19: Here’s why the pandemic was harder on struggling Canadians – National |

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on Canadians across the nation over the past couple of years but those with mental health struggles have been impacted far more, a recent report from Statistics Canada shows. “Certainly everybody has suffered, but some people have suffered more than others,” Cheryl Forchuk, university professor at Western University … Read more

More mosquitoes? Why Canadians could be seeing an uptick this summer and beyond – National |

Are more mosquitoes bugging you this summer? You’re not alone. Canada is buzzing with the pesky insects as parts of the country are seeing higher numbers than usual due to damp, hot weather, raising concerns for related diseases, particularly the West Nile virus in humans. “It certainly seems … anecdotally that it’s a big year … Read more