The art of CGM accuracy studies, part 2: The Freestyle Libre3 | Diabettech – Diabetes and Technology

As I’m currently testing a Libre3, and have taken a look back at the various accuracy studies as a part of this to review MARD data, I thought it worth while in taking a quick look at the Libre3, and it’s much vaunted accuracy data. “But that’s quite a cynical title”, you might be saying to … Read more

How to claim CGM from your medical aid

It might seem as if there aren’t that many options to claim CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitors) or flash glucose monitors (like the FreeStyle Libre) from your medical aid, but that’s simply not true. Here’s how to claim CGM from your medical aid. As a reminder: Here’s the difference between CGM and flash glucose monitoring. Step … Read more

Dexcom One. Forcing Abbott to make Libre 2 truly a realtime CGM? | Diabettech – Diabetes and Technology

Six months ago now, NICE launched the updated NG17 guidelines for adults with type 1 diabetes that contained the details of CGM for all users. Over the course of the next six months, multiple vendors launched cut price CGM systems that were acceptable to the NHS Business Services Authority and wound their way onto the … Read more

How to get real time CGM on prescription in England. A brief approach… | Diabettech – Diabetes and Technology

There’s a lot of discussion around the new rtCGMs being available on prescription, but local GPs saying that they aren’t or telling you there’s nothing they can do. Most people with diabetes have a reasonably good relationship with their GP, and therefore should be able to have a conversation on a reasonable level regarding the … Read more

Savvy Updates, 9/26/22: Medtronic Pumps & Cybersecurity Risk, Diabeloop Algorithm Increases TIR, T1D & UTIs, Moderate Diabetes Distress Even with CGM

FDA Warns of Cybersecurity Risk With Medtronic MiniMed 600 Series Insulin Pumps was reported by David Kerr, MD, for, 20 September 2022. The FDA has issued an alert warning people with diabetes using a Medtronic MiniMed 630G or MiniMed 670G insulin pump of possible cybersecurity risks.  The MiniMed 600 series insulin pumps include wireless … Read more

Accessing Real Time CGM in London. The unfair fairground? | Diabettech – Diabetes and Technology

London. A city of 10 million people, 32 boroughs, five Integrated care systems (ICS), and probably 66,000 people with type 1 diabetes. London. Also a city with a Diabetes Clinical Network and a procurement partnership. Two NHS meta-organisations designed to improve collaboration across boroughs and ICSs. NICE guidelines that say that anyone with type 1 … Read more

Non-invasive CGM. Coming soon, apparently… | Diabettech – Diabetes and Technology

If you’re on Social Media, and follow diabetes, you can’t fail to have seen the noise from GlucoRX and the JDRF about BioXensor, a new, non-invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor (NICGM). While there’re plenty of exciting soundbytes relating to this brand new products, as is often the case with NICGM, there’s not a lot of detail. … Read more

What CGM tape can I use if my skin is itchy I’m having allergic reactions?

Disclaimer: This website and blog does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Read full disclaimer. Some people experience itchiness from the CGM tape for their Medtronic Guardian CGM, Dexcom CGM, or Freestyle Libre. It can be super frustrating to not be able to use the tape because it irritates your skin. If you have … Read more

Savvy Updates, 8/22/22: Vit D & Inflammation, CGM Comparisons Deep Dive Plus Newcomer Zense, OTC Hearing Aids, Evolution of Chewing

Vitamin D supplements may help reduce chronic inflammation was written by Annie Lennon for,15 August 2022.   Systematic low-grade inflammation is characterized by the prolonged release of inflammatory molecules and is linked to various health conditions.  While vitamin D is classically known for regulating calcium levels, recent studies have shown that it may play a role in modulating … Read more

Savvy Updates 8/15/22: Comments on CGM Alarms to FDA DEADLINE 8/15/2022, Inflation Reduction Act Becomes Law, Glucagon Emergency Kit Discontinued, Sensor Jewelry, Dr. Francine Kaufman on Senseonics, Omnipod 5 vs. Tandem Diabetes, Monkey Pox & T1D

Final Day: Make Your Voice Heard AGAIN to the FDA re CGM! Here’s another chance to tell them, in a few short sentences, what you want, regarding CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) alarms!  The FDA has mandated that CGM LOW BG alarms MAY NOT be turned off or silenced.  I guess they don’t trust us to … Read more