Which Exercises Work Best for Blood Sugar Management? We Asked Our Community

We all know exercise is good for our health, but it can also have a big impact on our blood sugars, for better or for worse. Different exercises have different effects on blood sugar levels — some drive it up, and others cause it to go plummeting down. Sometimes these effects are pretty predictable, but … Read more

Who are you speaking up for in our diabetes community? | Integrated Diabetes Services

The struggles of people with diabetes have increased in visibility in recent years. This has a lot do to with people with diabetes being vocal and making ourselves seen. But it has much more to do with people who don’t have diabetes speaking up for us as well. You see, we are a minority in … Read more

North West government spends R780 000 on donkey carts for community | The Citizen

The North West government has spent R780 000 on 20 donkey carts given to villagers in the province’s Dibono and Manwana districts outside Mahikeng.  The provincial Department of Community Safety and Transport Management said on Friday said the villages have for the first time benefited from the non-motorised programme. According to the department, the villagers … Read more

Managing high blood sugar levels – Diabetes Care Community

What is hyperglycemia? High blood sugar levels, officially known as hyperglycemia, occur when the body has too little insulin or can’t use the insulin that it makes properly. What are the symptoms of hyperglycemia? Although some people don’t feel any different despite high blood sugar levels, symptoms may include: Feeling very thirsty. Urinating more often than … Read more

Anger from deaf community as another ‘fake’ interpreter used at a government event | The Citizen

The deaf community in Limpopo is livid, following a video that went viral of a “fake” sign language interpreter translating Police Minister Bheki Cele’s address. Speaking to broadcaster Newzroom Afrika on Friday, sign language activists Andiswa Gebashe and Ntombi Sikuza said the man in the video should not even be called an interpreter. The deaf … Read more

The hip hop community mourning rapper, Takeoff. Shot in Houston early Tuesday, according to police. | Music Assent

The Hip Hop community is mourning rapper, Kirshnik Khari Ball, known professionally as Takeoff. He was one third of the platinum-selling rap group, Migos. In the early hours of November 1st, Takeoff was shot after an altercation at a private Halloween party at Billiards & Bowling in Houston, TX. New video footage, shows just moments … Read more

What your blood sugars can and can’t tell you – Diabetes Care Community

What can your blood glucose level readings tell you about your diabetes management? Your blood glucose meter is an important tool in your diabetes management and there are many options available in Canada. Your diabetes healthcare team can help guide you as to the most appropriate meter for you. The main purpose for using a … Read more

ADAA’s Free Depression & Anxiety Peer-to-Peer Support Groups Offer a Valuable Online Community

The sheer number of social networks, online communities, virtual support groups, apps, and other Internet-based ways to communicate now can leave one feeling overwhelmed and possibly even anxious. But what about those who are truly suffering from anxiety or depression and find it difficult to express themselves in a secure, stigma-free, and supportive environment? We … Read more