Tips For Baby Safe Pest Control At Home – Baby Journey

As a parent, you should be vigilant about keeping your home clean. This is especially important if you have children around – baby safe pest control is not something to be taken lightly. Keeping your home clean of pests isn’t too difficult with some preventive measures – this includes keeping the kitchen and floors clean. … Read more

Diabetes Basics: “Control the ABCs of Diabetes” – Diabetes Health

By Diabetes Staff One concept that makes diabetes a bit easier to manage is the “ABC of Diabetes.” Each letter represents an integral part of dealing with the condition:   A = A1c Test: The A1c is the bedrock test for determining how close your diabetes stays to the current ideal blood glucose range of between … Read more

Health sector pushes for certainty on establishment of an Australian Centre for Disease Control

Health groups are urging the Albanese government to lay out a clear timetable and allocate resources to fulfil an election commitment to establish a new Australian Centre for Disease Control. The promise to establish a CDC was made in the middle of the Covid pandemic in late 2020, with the new centre to focus on … Read more

Perioperative Glycemic Control for the Patient with Type 2 Diabetes Receiving Bariatric Surgery : Bariatric Times

by Teri Leishman, MS, PMC, APRN-CNS, AGCNS-BC, CPAN, CAPA Ms. Leishman is a Clinical Nurse Specialist with Intermountain Health, Peaks Region, St. Mary’s Medical Center in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Funding: No funding was provided for this article. Disclosures: The author reports no conflicts of interest relevant to the content of this article. Bariatric Times. 2022;19(11):8–10. … Read more

Birth Control Guidelines for Bariatric Surgery

Patients considering weight loss surgery often have many questions about the best way to control their weight after surgery. One of the most critical questions is: what is the best birth control method after weight loss surgery? Excess weight increases the risk of fertility problems and pregnancy complications. In addition, hormonal changes associated with obesity … Read more

Inside One of the Races That Will Decide Control of the Senate

Outside of a squat stucco house on the south side of Tucson, Senator Mark Kelly walks slowly toward a crowd of canvassers waiting to knock on doors in his name. He holds the arm of his wife, former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head in a mass shooting in Tucson in 2011 … Read more

Learn more about using the Tandem Control IQ and Omnipod 5 insulin pumps

Here in New York City, diabetes educator Carolyn Robertson, seems to be known and adored by all. I never met her since she moved out West before I had the chance, but she offers informative/educational webinars every so often under her group, Strong on Insulin, and several are coming up soon on insulin pump therapy. … Read more

Covid has left a third of young people feeling life is out of control – study

More than a third of young people feel their life is spiralling out of control, according to findings released to the Guardian ahead of a nationwide campaign that highlights Covid’s impact on the younger generation. The Prince’s Trust Class of Covid research also found that more than 60% of 16-25-year-olds said they were scared about … Read more

Get Up & Move! Daily activity can benefit blood sugar control – Cecelia Health

It’s no secret that leading an active lifestyle can help improve your overall health.  The current recommendations in the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans suggests that each week, adults need both:  150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity   2 days of muscle strengthening activity    Regular physical activity has many benefits for people with diabetes, including … Read more