Cuddlers for hire: First cuddling practice opens in SA | The Citizen

Who would ever have thought that hiring a professional cuddler for a momentary feeling of love and intimacy is a real option today. But it is, and in South Africa one of the first professional cuddling consultancies recently opened its doors. Cuddling prescribed for ‘pick-me-up’ Cuddling was first introduced to South African audiences on Billions, … Read more

Infected with COVID-19? Cuddling your pet cat or dog can make them sick, says study – National |

Cat and dog owners who cuddle their pets when infected with COVID-19 could end up making the animals sick with the virus, according to a Canadian study. The study said that while it was already known that animals including cats, dogs, ferrets and hamsters seem to be susceptible to COVID-19, transmission may be happening more … Read more