Can Music and Rhythm Help the Development of Babies with Autism? – Health News Hub

Children with autism enjoy the predictable rhythm of song, so adding it to social interactions can help development, according to a Vanderbuilt University researcher presenting at Hartford HealthCare’s Institute of Living. Miriam Lense, PhD, offered “Rhythm, Timing and Song in Early Social Development in Autism: Mechanisms and Clinical Implications,” exploring her research into how rhythm … Read more

Predicting serious complications following bariatric surgery in geriatric patients: Development of the GeriBari scoring tool using the MBSAQIP database

Background Geriatric patients have a greater risk of complications after bariatric surgery. The objective of this study was to develop a tool to predict serious complications in geriatric patients after minimally invasive bariatric surgery. Methods This was a retrospective cohort study of the MBSAQIP database, which collects 30-day bariatric surgery outcomes from 868 accredited centers. … Read more

How Baby-Led Weaning Encourages Motor Development

Introducing solids to a baby is an important yet challenging milestone for parents. The challenge being, ‘how do you introduce solids to the baby?’ Some parents may decide on the traditional method of introducing solid food, using pureed foods, whereas others lean towards an alternative feeding method, the baby-led weaning method. While it’s understood that … Read more

Stress Linked to Arthritis Development

Knees are the most common joint affected by osteoarthritis.Photo credit: Steven Paul Parker II A MedPage Today article indicates that chronic stress may precipitate or aggravate arthritis. Even childhood stress. The link is not as strong for rheumatoid arthritis as it is for more common types of arthritis. Most for the reviewed studies “categorized stress … Read more

Continuous remote monitoring in post–bariatric surgery patients: development of an early warning protocol

Abstract Background Continuous monitoring of vital parameters after bariatric surgery can detect postoperative bleeding or anastomotic leakage. Objectives This report describes the development of a continuous remote early warning score (CREWS). This is an EWS-based notification protocol for deterioration detection in bariatric patients. Setting Catharina Hospital, the Netherlands. Methods Several CREWS protocols were developed by … Read more