The art of CGM accuracy studies, part 2: The Freestyle Libre3 | Diabettech – Diabetes and Technology

As I’m currently testing a Libre3, and have taken a look back at the various accuracy studies as a part of this to review MARD data, I thought it worth while in taking a quick look at the Libre3, and it’s much vaunted accuracy data. “But that’s quite a cynical title”, you might be saying to … Read more

Weight Management During the Holidays | Integrated Diabetes Services

So, why is the holiday season so challenging? There are a variety of factors including an increased number of social gatherings with high-calorie food and drinks. This brings a change in the usual social environment making weight management more difficult. There can also be added stress of trying to prepare for the holidays and can … Read more

Blood Sugar Imbalance Experiences Prior to Diabetes Diagnosis

These days, my insulin pump shows my glucose trend. Amazing technology. Disclaimer: This website and blog does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Read full disclaimer. In the years prior to my diabetes diagnosis, my blood glucose tested in normal range, and I did not have diabetes. It’s not like I’ve always had LADA … Read more

There’s a New Test for Pancreatic Cancer — Here’s Why It Matters for Type 2 Diabetes

Pancreatic cancer is commonly considered the deadliest of all cancers — a mere 11% of adults are still living five years after diagnosis. One big reason is that pancreatic cancer is so difficult to detect. Early symptoms are subtle or nonexistent, and it is impractical to screen widely for the disease because the tests required … Read more

Lessons Learned From Hiding My Type 1 Diabetes

This content originally appeared on Beyond Type 1. Republished with permission. By Ansley Smith I’m sure you’ve heard the Oscar Wilde quote, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” The message of the quote is very straightforward, and it’s an easy idea to support. Sure, you want to be yourself. Being unique is great. Be … Read more

The FDA Approves Tzield, the Only Drug That Delays Type 1 Diabetes

Fantastic news: Last week, the US FDA officially approved teplizumab-mzwv (Tzield), the only drug that has been demonstrated to delay the onset of type 1 diabetes. Diabetes Daily has been eagerly following Tzield for years, and last year, we supported a letter-writing campaign to the FDA in the new drug’s support. “Tzield” is the new … Read more

Can a Diabetes Coach Help You Thrive?

This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission. By Jennifer Alvey Managing diabetes can feel like a full-time job, yet people with diabetes typically spend only 1-2 hours per year discussing management strategies with their provider. Diabetes coaching might help you find more continuous support. Diabetes requires dozens of decisions daily about how to … Read more

From The Sugar Happy Kitchen: Low-Carb & Vegan Holiday Recipes – Diabetes Health

By Nadia Al-Samarrie In this special Low-Carb Holiday Recipe digital magazine, we bring you some easy-to-make traditional dishes (and some not so traditional) that you can prepare for warm and festive holiday meals. The recipes are excerpted from the “Sugar Happy Kitchen.” (Input The Sugar Happy Kitchen in your browser to reach our online site.) … Read more

Exciting New Expansion To Pops Self-Care Platform | Pops Diabetes Care

Pops, the Own Your Life® company, is thrilled to announce the next expansion to its self-care platform. Mina, a Virtual Health Assistant, combined with new devices can now help people living with diabetes also manage their weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. In addition to its innovative all-in-one glucose meter, Pops will offer a cellular connected … Read more

Diabetes Has an Equality Problem: The Healthcare Satisfaction Survey

Race, ethnicity, wealth — these factors play far too large a role in American healthcare. It’s a sad situation that has a big effect within the diabetes community.  Much has been written on the complex causes and consequences of these systemic inequities, but we wanted to learn how people with diabetes really feel about the … Read more