Ekurhuleni waste crisis: Campbell places head of waste department on special leave | The Citizen

Reinstated Ekurhuleni Mayor Tania Campbell has placed the metro’s head of the department for environmental resources and waste management on special leave. Ekurhuleni waste crisis Faith Wotshela was placed on leave over the waste crisis plaguing the municipality in the last two weeks that has left residents fuming and complaining over the lack of refuse … Read more

How EFF’s beef with ANC kept DA in power in Ekurhuleni | The Citizen

Eat your heart out Helen Zille, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)are the masters of the coalition politics game – the young party has put your Democratic Alliance (DA) back into power at Ekurhuleni. A last-minute disagreement between the ANC and the EFF benefitted the DA’s Tania Campbell, who was re-elected mayor – thanks to the … Read more

‘Our job is far from done,’ says Campbell following removal as Ekurhuleni mayor | The Citizen

Tania Campbell says while the Democratic Alliance (DA) is “clearly disappointed” about her removal as Ekurhuleni mayor, the party’s job was not done yet. “We accept that we have an equally important role to play from the opposition benches. The residents of this great city deserve nothing less, and we will not give up the … Read more

Tania Campbell removed as mayor of Ekurhuleni | The Citizen

Democratic Alliance (DA) member, Tania Campbell, will have to clean her desk following her removal as Ekurhuleni mayor. The City of Ekurhuleni held its council sitting on Wednesday, where Campbell was ousted through a ANC-sponsored motion of no confidence. 100 councillors voted in favour of her removal, while 93 councillors voters against her ousting, the … Read more

Ekurhuleni is one of the most dangerous places on earth | The Citizen

Ekurhuleni is one of the most dangerous places on earth, with murder rates that compared with the most violent drug cartel-run towns in Mexico. The city occupied 40th position on the list of the most murderous cities in the world. It had a murder rate of 43.57 killings for every 100 000 people, translating to … Read more