NCOP to refer Electoral Amendment Bill back after proposing more changes | The Citizen

The Electoral Amendment Bill is expected to be referred back to Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs before it is sent to President Cyril Ramaphosa for approval. The bill is currently before the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) after MPs in the National Assembly voted in favour of passing the legislation last month. Amendments NCOP’s Select Committee … Read more

This Dull-Sounding Electoral Practice Fuels Mass Incarceration

Every 10 years, the Census Bureau attempts to count every resident in the United States. This process incites prison gerrymandering, which means counting incarcerated people as residents of their prison cells rather than as residents of their home communities. Because this population data is used to draw electoral maps, the practice severely limits political representation … Read more

People ‘should definitely be worried’ about Electoral Amendment Bill – analysts | The Citizen

Voters are not going to be able to choose the president, or even someone to represent their local interests, because parliament has shot down a Bill which might have provided for “ground-breaking change in the electoral system”. One of the original drafters of the Electoral Amendment Bill, Build One South Africa (Bosa) leader Mmusi Maimane, … Read more

ANC changes its stance on Electoral Amendment Bill | The Citizen

It appears the African National Congress (ANC) has had a change of stance over its support for the controversial Electoral Amendment Bill before Parliament. Electoral Amendment Bill The amendment bill is headed to the National Assembly (NA) for consideration after parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs on Wednesday adopted its report on the bill. It was … Read more

Parliament receives more submissions on ‘fundamentally flawed’ Electoral Amendment Bill | The Citizen

Members of Parliament (MPs) will deliberate on the latest submissions received regarding the Electoral Amendment Bill. Earlier this month, the Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs called for additional public submissions on the revised Bill after having previously held provincial public hearings in March. With the two-week window having closed last Friday, the committee has received … Read more