Four out of five pupils in England say progress suffered due to Covid

Four out of five teenagers say their academic progress has suffered as a result of the pandemic, with state school pupils twice as likely to feel they have fallen behind than their peers in private schools, according to initial findings from a landmark study. Half of the 16- and 17-year-olds questioned said the Covid disruption … Read more

How to get real time CGM on prescription in England. A brief approach… | Diabettech – Diabetes and Technology

There’s a lot of discussion around the new rtCGMs being available on prescription, but local GPs saying that they aren’t or telling you there’s nothing they can do. Most people with diabetes have a reasonably good relationship with their GP, and therefore should be able to have a conversation on a reasonable level regarding the … Read more

I will never forget the brutal realities of the pandemic – This England brushes them aside | Rod Dacombe

During the pandemic I deliberately killed six people. I did this in their homes, in front of witnesses, with their families in the next room. When paramedics decide that all options for resuscitation are exhausted and that a patient has died, they ask everyone involved if they agree to stop CPR. The first time this … Read more

Covid hospitalisations rise by nearly 20% in a week in England

Coronavirus cases and hospitalisations are rising once again in England after declining since early July, data suggests, with experts warning people should stay at home if ill and get a Covid booster if eligible. According to the latest figures on the government coronavirus dashboard, both the number of cases detected through mass community testing, and … Read more

Covid drives biggest Sats results gap since 2012 for poorest pupils in England

Children from deprived backgrounds in England lost the most learning due to Covid, according to tests that revealed the widest gap between them and non-disadvantaged primary school pupils for a decade. The results of standardised literacy and maths tests taken by year 6 pupils this year showed a national decline, but detailed figures published by … Read more

England and Wales Make Abortion Pills by Mail Permanent

Over the past two years, women and those seeking an abortion in the UK have been able to access “pills in the post” abortions as part of COVID-19 measures introduced in spring 2020. This means that, instead of attending a clinic to take the first two pills used to induce an abortion within the first … Read more

The deadly consequences of Britain’s lockdown drinking – podcast

Kathy Edge was always a social drinker, but didn’t think she had a problem with alcohol. In the early days of the Covid lockdown, she thought she was coping well and that her drinking was no worse than usual. “What the hell, I’m not going out, nothing’s open, I’m not seeing anybody,” she thought. But … Read more