NSW government under pressure to scrap further 29,000 Covid fines after court ruling

New South Wales residents wrongly penalised for Covid breaches say it is “crazy” it took a protracted and costly court case to force the state government to back down and withdraw 33,000 invalid fines. The NSW government was forced on Tuesday to cancel 33,000 fines, worth an estimated $30m, for breaches of Covid-era public health … Read more

More than 33,000 Covid fines withdrawn in NSW after adverse court ruling

The New South Wales government has been forced to cancel more than $30m in fines for breaches of Covid-era public health orders after conceding they were too vague. On Tuesday, Revenue NSW announced it had cancelled some 33,000 Covid-era fines, about half the total number issued by police for breaches of the public health orders … Read more

Fines and debarment for running Praesidium Group like a pyramid scheme | The Citizen

Fines and debarment from the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) are waiting for the directors of the Praesidium Group because they ran it like a pyramid scheme until it was liquidated. Directors Craig Massyn, Andrew Cunningham-Moorat and Brett Bukes aided, abetted, induced, incited or procured the group to contravene the relevant financial sector laws, the … Read more