Party Food At Goal!

Post ops who Live at Goal do not ‘have a treat at Grandma’s house’ or convince themselves that chips or pigs in a blanket are okay in moderation or on a special occasion. Instead, they make beautiful food that allows them to maintain their new weight. There are fresh wonderful choices that tickle the taste … Read more

Healthy Food Guide distribution – South Africans with Diabetes

We created this free Healthy Food Guide to help people with diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol make healthier choices. It’s also useful if you want to lose weight. Distribution is an essential part of what makes the Healthy Food Guide work. We send free printed copies to anyone who asks for them, anywhere in … Read more

Stop food policing, now and forever

Share With the holidays on the way, people with diabetes often have to endure food policing and food shame from friends and family. Food policing isn’t ok. And it causes a lot of stress and uncertainty at the table. If you struggle with negative emotions around food, eating, and diabetes, reach out to the Diabulimia … Read more

Food to Avoid When Taking Trulicity

When starting any new diabetes medication, it is important to know the pros and cons of the therapy. This includes any side effects and reactions you may experience and what you can and can’t eat while taking the medication.  This article will explore the foods that you should avoid when starting Trulicity, and everything you … Read more

Film Review: Jennifer Lawrence’s stirring performance punches through Causeway’s subtle nature – The AU Review

A low-key slice of independent cinema that you imagine wouldn’t be given as big of a spotlight had it not been for lead Jennifer Lawrence, Causeway nonetheless deserves its attention as it’s a determined and moving picture about one’s healing, both emotionally and physically. Adhering to the stripped-away mentality that drove her to her first … Read more

Latest food basket marginally cheaper, but consumers still go hungry | The Citizen

Key data from the October 2022 Household Affordability Index show that the latest food basket price is marginally cheaper, but consumers still go hungry as food prices put nutritious food, especially for children, out of their reach. A Debt Rescue survey conducted in August showed that an astonishing 81% of South Africans are cutting down … Read more

Triangle of Sadness is a wicked and subtlety-free satire that takes aim at the wealthy: Brisbane International Film Festival Review – The AU Review

The rich eat, but then suffer mercilessly in Ruben Östlund’s Triangle of Sadness, a wicked, at-times horrifically and humorously gross, satire that takes aim at the wealthy in a manner that is deliciously void of any subtlety. Divided into three chapters – all linked by a young, glamorous couple – the film promises one observation … Read more