‘Non-nutritive components of ultra-processed foods are likely causes of widespread gut issues’

This is quite a long read but (I thought) an interesting one and I’ve only shown the first part, see link below for the full article. “Ultra-processed foods as a possible culprit for the rising prevalence of inflammatory bowel diseases.Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are chronic inflammatory disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, and the exact pathogenesis … Read more

Foods to replace during diet visits BEFORE surgery and 6 weeks + post-surgery – My Bariatric Solutions

So you just had your consultation with us and came away with handouts, samples and a whole bunch of new information about the surgery.  If you have diet visits to meet insurance requirements, we counsel you on how to change your diet now to prepare you for changes after surgery.  including how to prep for … Read more

Ultra-Processed Foods May Impair Cognition in Elderly

Mr Ed, the fluent horse (You won’t get this reference if you’re under 63) An article earlier this year in the European Journal of Nutrition reported that high consumption of ultra-processed foods is linked to worse-than-average performance on one particular test of cognitive function in older U.S. adults (60+ years-old) who did not have chronic … Read more

Savvy Updates 9/12/22: Novo saves Zegalogue, Sugar Disrupts Microbiome, Cravings for Fatty Foods, DPAC Sues HHS for Copay Accumulators, Best Places for Dexcom G6 Sensor

Zealand summons Novo Nordisk to resuscitate floundering diabetes newcomer Zegalogue was reported by Fraiser Kansteiner for FiercePharma.com, 7 September 2022. Zealand said it has forged a global license and development pact with Novo Nordisk to take the marketing reins on Zegalogue—also Zealand’s first launch. The drug won FDA approval last March for severe low blood sugar … Read more

Ultra-Processed Foods Linked to Overweight and Obesity in U.S. Adolescents

Man-made food An article in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found an association between overweight/obesity and consumption of ultra–processed foods in U.S. adolescents. The study looked at 3,600 adolescents who reported their food intake over a 24-hour period. The results are pretty strong: the more ultra-processed food consumed, the greater the … Read more