Happy December, friends!

How was your Diabetes Awareness Month? I celebrated by taking a step back from most online activities and burying my head in the sand. Because, as always, Your Diabetes (Awareness Month) May Vary. #YDAMMV – get it trending! I got COVID at the beginning of November and that was the definition of Not Fun. I … Read more

My Best Friend’s Exorcism

My Best Friend’s Exorcism Studio: Amazon StudiosDirector: Damon Thomas Oct 18, 2022 By Greg Hyde Web Exclusive Elsie Fisher had an ignominious induction as a horror leading lady earlier this year in David Blue Garcia’s questionable Texas Chainsaw Massacre requel. She continues to make her mark on the genre with her performance as the heroine … Read more

Weekly Horoscope: Keep Your Friends Close and Your BFFs Closer

This weekly horoscope brings the most magical day of the year for all the lovebirds in the world. October 22 brings the passionate Sun and romantic planet Venus together, forming an astrological aspect that will soften even a curmudgeon like The Simpsons’ Mr. Burns. Therefore, the week ahead is geared toward relationships, friendships, creativity, and … Read more

Cute Jewelry Gifts to Keep Your Friends Shining

There’s a reason jewelry gifts are on the very top of basically everyone’s holiday wishlist; they’re everyday luxuries that mean so much more when thoughtfully selected by a loved one. Have a bestie that’s leaving for a different college? We found a friendship bracelet that’ll last a lifetime. Need the perfect gift for your little … Read more

Here Are the Best Self-Care Gifts for Your Stressed Out Friends

Self-care is a practice everyone should incorporate into their daily routine. Research shows it’s beneficial for your mental and physical health, which is why gifting your best friends and family members something that will help them relieve stress is a major win in our book.  Though self-care can take on many forms — for some … Read more

Here Are the Mini Projectors You Need for Your Next Movie Night With Friends

When you’re not quite in the mood to head out to the theater and streaming the latest release from your laptop (check out our favorites) or iPhone just won’t do, we have a solution: mini projectors.  While they may not offer the same experience as going to the cinema IRL, a great portable projector (that … Read more