The Guardian view on the pandemic’s educational impact: make good learning losses | Editorial

Children in England should have learned to read by age seven. Given an age-appropriate book, they are expected to be able to focus on understanding – who the story is about, what is happening – rather than expend effort on sounding out individual words. Literacy, numeracy and social and physical skills are the blocks on … Read more

Not ‘Finger Lickin Good’ as KFC apologises for Nazi ‘Kristallnacht’ promotion | The Citizen

It was not ‘Finger Lickin Good’ for KFC after the fried chicken outlet had to apologise for sending a mobile app alert telling German customers to “treat yourself” at the 84th anniversary of Kristallnacht. The Kristallnacht or the ‘Night of Broken Glass’ refers to the pogroms against Jewish people in Germany and Austria carried out … Read more

Dave’s Music #132 Good Old Boys

  So I have started the process of listening to many of my old cassettes in search of a tape I made from Simply Folk of Paul Cebar covering “Sunglasses After Dark”  I told him if I found it I’d send him the MP3.  Dang this is a long process, because I was not good … Read more

Does Good Posture Prevent Back Pain?

Photo by Budgeron Bach on No, according to these three credentialed experts at The Conversation. A snippet: There is a common belief that “good” posture is important to protect the spine from damage, as well as prevent and treat back pain. Good posture is commonly defined as sitting “upright”, standing “tall and aligned”, and … Read more

Good Morning Mix: John Summit goes dark for second night at LA’s Shrine Auditorium

by: Alex Lambeau Nov 3, 2022 Out now via YouTube, John Summit has shared the deeper, darker set from his two-night weekend stint at the iconic Shrine in Los Angeles. Headlining one of Los Angeles’s most well-known music venues on October 1 and 2, Summit took the decks for over two hours on back-to-back nights. … Read more

Africa has untapped potential but requires good governance – Lamola | The Citizen

Justice and Constitutional Development Minister Ronald Lamola says good governance is critical in ensuring Africa thrives in sectors such as infrastructure development and innovation. The minister was delivering the keynote address at the opening of the first ordinary session of the sixth parliament of the Pan African Parliament (PAP) in Midrand. Minister Ronald Lamola delivered … Read more