Desperation grows in hard-hit Chengdu’s indefinite Covid lockdown

In the hours before the south-western Chinese city of Chengdu went into a Covid lockdown on 1 September, residents dashed to their local markets to scramble for whatever food they could grab hold of. Huang, a 42-year-old university lecturer, was among those who got wind of the imminent lockdown on the internet. While she was … Read more

Engineers breach Pakistan lake as flood misery grows for millions | The Citizen

Engineers breached Pakistan’s biggest freshwater lake to drain water threatening nearby towns, officials said Monday, as heavy rain poured misery on millions affected by the country’s worst floods in history. Nearly a third of Pakistan is under water — an area the size of the United Kingdom — following months of record monsoon rains that … Read more

VISIO & Rustan Söderling return to myth in Youth Grows Forever

VISIO and Rustan Söderling lead us through a landscape of post-apocalyptic mythology, illuminated by fairy light. VISIO is the enigmatic musical moniker of multidisciplinary artist Nicola Tirabasso, a project devised while on retreat in Sibillini Mountains in Marche, central Italy. Tirabasso describes his latest album, Privacy Angels, as “a liminal zone, a folk magical world … Read more

Savvy Updates, 7/25/22: GSK-126 Restores Beta Cells, SpaceX Grows Stem Cells, Trigger Finger/Carpal Tunnel Gene Variant, UnitedHealthcare $0 Insulin CoPay Only Will Affect Few, POGO BG Meter UPDATE

Experimental drug may help restore insulin-producing cells was written by Clarissa Brincat for, 22 July 2022. In a recent study, the human epigenetics team at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, found that the investigational drug GSK-126 can potentially restore insulin-producing beta-cells in Type 1 diabetes patients by inhibiting pancreatic EZH2.  The study appears in the Nature journal, Signal … Read more