‘Never happened before’: South Korean island baffled by missile alert | The Citizen

When a North Korean missile triggered an air raid siren warning locals on South Korea’s island of Ulleungdo to seek shelter, no one — including the deputy mayor — knew what to do. About 130 kilometres (80 miles) off South Korea’s east coast, Ulleungdo, population 9,000, is a picture-perfect destination of green rocky outcrops and … Read more

McKim calls for Lowe to stand down – as it happened

Key events Show key events only Please turn on JavaScript to use this feature The day that was, Tuesday 6 September We will wrap up the live blog for Tuesday. Here’s what made some of the news today: The Reserve Bank of Australia raised interest rates for the fifth consecutive month by 0.5 basis points … Read more

What happened to kindness?

Random acts or otherwise, what happened to kindness? Seems like there isn’t as much of it around anymore. Could it be that we miscalculate just how good it makes others feel? Let’s take a look… ’…generosity can actually be contagious. Receivers of a prosocial act can pay it forward. Kindness can actually spread.’ What happened … Read more

Taylor Lautner Knows What Happened to Jacob Black and Renesmee

With Stephenie Meyer yet to resume her beloved Twilight franchise, much of what happens after Bella and Edward’s happily ever after remains a mystery. We may never get the chance to watch Renesmee grow from her truly unsettling beginnings into adulthood, but thanks to Taylor Launter, we can rest easy knowing her future was filled … Read more

What Happened at Wilderness Therapy

Running was a split-second decision. Sixteen-year-old Riley* was pacing back and forth through the sagebrush in their campsite somewhere in central Utah when they noticed their guides were looking away. That was their chance. They would need a good head start — the arid desert landscape provided sparse coverage to hide. It was just getting … Read more

Albanese says former PM owes apology to Australian people – as it happened

What we learned: Wednesday, 17 August And with that, we will close the blog for the day. Here’s what happened today: Opposition leader, Peter Dutton, said Scott Morrison made “the wrong call” by secretly swearing himself into five ministerial portfolios, but says the member for Cook has no reason to resign. Morrison apologised to former … Read more