Is Alcohol a Depressant and Will I Get Depressed From It? | HeadsUpGuys

In many cultures, drinking is a part of daily routines (e.g., having a drink with a meal) or social activities with friends and family. Because of how ubiquitous alcohol is, it’s easy to forget that alcohol is also a drug that causes changes in our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. Alcohol can have both short- and … Read more

Physical Activity Helps Reduce Depression and Anxiety | HeadsUpGuys

Physical activity is known to have a profound impact on our mental health and well-being [1]. While physical activity has always been associated with positive health benefits, it has only recently garnered attention as an evidence-based treatment for depression and anxiety.  There is abundant evidence showing physical activity’s role in treating Major Depressive Disorder. One … Read more

5 Tips for Beating Depression with Behavioural Activation | HeadsUpGuys

Depression is a debilitating condition for a lot of men. When men are dealing with depression, they often withdraw from daily life. They will generally feel unmotivated to do things that they routinely did in the past. They may stop connecting with people in their lives such as friends or family, and often end up … Read more

Male Athletes Who’ve Spoken About Having Suicidal Thoughts | HeadsUpGuys

Suicidal thoughts are a symptom of depression that many people deal with. Fame, fortune, championships, and Olympic medals don’t make anyone immune to depression or having suicidal thoughts. Like cancer, diabetes, or other physical health problems, psychological health problems can happen to anyone. More than 90% of people who die by suicide struggle with their … Read more

Help Us Prevent More Men from Dying By Suicide | HeadsUpGuys

SUPPORT OUR FALL 2022 MATCHING DONATION FUNDRAISER Our research shows that men search for words related to suicide most often between 9:00 pm and 4:00 am. Searching for terms such as “suicidal thoughts”, “I want to die”, and “kill myself”. We are raising $10,000 towards a campaign to target men during this timeframe to let … Read more

How Music Can Improve Our Mental Health | HeadsUpGuys

For thousands of years, we have played instruments, sang songs, and danced to the universal language of music. However, entertainment is not the only function of music. Ancient Egyptian, Roman, Chinese, and Greek civilizations utilized music’s healing properties as they performed surgeries and other medical procedures.  Modern treatments have labeled this music therapy, which can … Read more

What Does Depression Look Like in Men? | HeadsUpGuys

Many men feel depressed at some time in their lives. Sometimes, depression looks like the ‘textbook’ form: feeling sad, decreased interest or pleasure, and changes in sleep and appetite. Sometimes, however, it takes different forms in men.  For guys, these symptoms can be easy to miss, because they overlap with societal expectations of how guys … Read more