How heatwaves are helping boost winemaking in England | The Citizen

Under a blue sky, seasonal workers ran their secateurs along long rows of grapevines, harvesting a variety of pinot noir grown during the summer heatwave. This was not a village in France, however, but Appledore in Kent in southern England, where high temperatures needed to grow the grape variety are no longer rare. “At the … Read more

Heatwaves will make entire regions uninhabitable within decades – UN, Red Cross | The Citizen

Heatwaves will become so extreme in certain regions of the world within decades that human life there will be unsustainable, the United Nations and the Red Cross said Monday. Heatwaves are predicted to “exceed human physiological and social limits” in the Sahel, the Horn of Africa and south and southwest Asia, with extreme events triggering … Read more

Gauteng buckling under weight of load shedding, heatwaves and water restrictions | The Citizen

Following scorching weather in Gauteng, the provinces regional weather said there may be some reprieve for residents who have been struggling in the sweltering heat. On Monday, residents were warned to stay out of the sun and take precaution as extremely hot temperatures and heatwave conditions grip the province. The South African Weather Service also … Read more