Tories run for the hills rather than face Labour over Michelle Mone and PPE | John Crace

Spare a thought for Neil O’Brien. A minister so beige, so junior, that not even his colleagues know he is working with them. At home, he merges into the muted pastel paintwork. So much so that his family aren’t always aware if he’s there or not. So it’s a wonder he even became a minister, … Read more

They said we would ‘build back better’ after Covid. What breathtaking deceit | John Harris

The Covid-19 era is not yet over. The worst might have long since receded – though deaths linked to the virus go on – and for most of us, infection now means nothing more serious than a few days in bed. But the pandemic’s grim and complex legacy is becoming clearer, in continuing tragedies that … Read more

Good Morning Mix: John Summit goes dark for second night at LA’s Shrine Auditorium

by: Alex Lambeau Nov 3, 2022 Out now via YouTube, John Summit has shared the deeper, darker set from his two-night weekend stint at the iconic Shrine in Los Angeles. Headlining one of Los Angeles’s most well-known music venues on October 1 and 2, Summit took the decks for over two hours on back-to-back nights. … Read more

John Zorn : The Gift : Aquarium Drunkard

Anyone who’s spent time with Numero Group’s extraordinary 2018 compilation Technicolor Paradise knows that the genre known as exotica stands just next door to a number of considerably better respected musical forms. Speed up that reverbed guitar and you’ve got surf. Slow it down and you’re in the spaghetti western territory of Ennio Morricone. With … Read more

John is disabled, but he can’t access his pension. Why? Long Covid isn’t on the list | Lydia Richards

One of our members at the University and College Union (UCU), John*, used to enjoy Ironman contests, but now walking to his own bathroom is a feat of will. His resting heart rate was a remarkable 40 beats per minute (bpm), but now sitting up sees it hit 220bpm. He suffers from long Covid and … Read more

John Fetterman Is a Swiftie

Even John Fetterman made some time for Taylor Swift’s Midnights. Based on his most recent TikTok upload, the Pennsylvania lieutenant governor and candidate for Senate is a Swiftie. On Friday (October 21), Fetterman’s team took to TikTok with a perfectly soundtracked jab at his senate opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz. For the video, Fetterman used one … Read more

Taylor Swift Seems to Allude to John and Jake on Midnights Bonus Track

Now that Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated new album Midnights is out, it’s time to carefully pore over every word and reference to spell out the puzzles Ms. Taylor Alison Swift has left behind. The album is rife with themes of revenge, karma, and eternal love, but there’s one song in particular that fans think is … Read more

John Fetterman Is Here for the Memes — and for Pennsylvania

JF: That was an especially bad week for America’s least favorite TV doctor.  We’ve known for a while that Dr. Oz is a fraud, but the Washington Post’s reporting exposed Dr. Oz for who he is: a malicious scam artist. Dr. Oz spent decades lying to his viewers about miracle cures and treatments that were … Read more

After 40 Years of New Sounds, John Schaefer is Still Actively Listening

When John Schaefer started broadcasting his WNYC show New Sounds in 1981, he was just playing music he liked from his personal record collection. At the time, WNYC had contemporary music shows that covered modernist atonal music, and one show hosted by critic Tim Page that showcased minimalism, but Schaefer wanted to play the genre-explorers … Read more