Tips For Baby Safe Pest Control At Home – Baby Journey

As a parent, you should be vigilant about keeping your home clean. This is especially important if you have children around – baby safe pest control is not something to be taken lightly. Keeping your home clean of pests isn’t too difficult with some preventive measures – this includes keeping the kitchen and floors clean. … Read more

Hadassah Foundation Cameroon: The Journey

As the Executive Director of ADAA, I am always thrilled when we realize our work is making a difference and that we are reaching farther and wider. So, when the Hadassah Foundation, a mental health organization in Cameroon, contacted ADAA with a request to access our free member-created, publicly available, evidence-based resources, we not only … Read more

Paul Oakenfold talks about the journey to creating his first performance in the metaverse

There’s only just over six weeks until Paul Oakenfold reveals Perfectoverse, his first foray into the augmented reality of the metaverse with his own original production, visuals, and original set. After performing at Stonehenge (the first ever to perform there), the base camp at Mount Everest, and the Great Wall of China, the legend is looking … Read more

My Musical Journey (final of 4)

“I saw my rock and roll past flash before my eyes. I saw something else: I saw rock and roll’s future and its name is Bruce Springsteen.” – Jon Landau in 1974 after seeing Bruce at the (now defunct) Harvard Square Theater Well, clearly Bruce is one of the greatest rockers ever, certainly its finest … Read more

Women behind the lens: ‘She was about to make an arduous journey, with a child, in a pandemic’

The Covid-19 lockdown in India was announced on 25 March 2020 with only 4 hours’ notice, leaving the country in a state of frenzy. Faced with dwindling savings due to unemployment during the lockdown, millions of migrant workers made the decision to return to their home towns from cities across India, sparking the country’s biggest … Read more

EOH’s journey to redemption has blue chips knocking on its door | The Citizen

EOH, a company once regarded as the toxic face of South African capitalism, has gone a long way to redeeming itself – both financially and reputationally – under the new management team led by CEO Stephen van Coller. Its results for the year to July 2022 point to continued improvements in operational performance, with an … Read more

Seven Lions’ Debut Album Is a Cathartic Journey: Listen to “Beyond The Veil” –

Despite tearing up stages across the world for over a decade, Seven Lions has only just begun to show his final form. Known as the godfather of melodic bass music, Lions has achieved world renown and even earned a kingmaker’s reputation for his work in developing artists through his flagship imprint, Ophelia Records. He’d done … Read more

Scarlett Estevez On Finding Release Through Out Her Career Journey

TV: Congratulations on your partnership with Invisalign! How’s your alignment process going? As a teenager, do you feel any pressure from societal beauty standards? SE: I don’t concern myself with anyone else’s beauty standards. My smile is the only thing I wanted to work on, personally – for me and only me. I wanted to … Read more