Juan Wayne and the beautiful scuffed folk rock Polaroid of

  “don’t want to fight you, don’t wanna make you cry, I’ll just stay with you a while if you like…”  The folk rock dreaminess of “Desert Mama” by L.A. based Juan Wayne, the project name of singer songwriters Andrew St. James and César Maria, has my eyes closing and my heart all a flutter. … Read more

StreamLINE Music Review : Stickbaby Juan – “Heartbreaker” (Hip-Hop)

Putting the hip-hop game on notice is a rapidly emerging rapper and songwriter from Ashburn, Georgia who goes by the name of Stickbaby Juan. Currently, based in the Atlanta area, Stickbaby has built up a substantial fanbase off the back of flurry of well-received single releases and an exclusive debut mixtape which has also gained … Read more