Lessons Learned From Hiding My Type 1 Diabetes

This content originally appeared on Beyond Type 1. Republished with permission. By Ansley Smith I’m sure you’ve heard the Oscar Wilde quote, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” The message of the quote is very straightforward, and it’s an easy idea to support. Sure, you want to be yourself. Being unique is great. Be … Read more

What I Learned Growing Up in a Conservative Black Christian Family

Despite the fact that slavery and centuries of anti-Black and -brown policies have directly harmed many citizens in this country, the ignorance I’ve witnessed from the middle- and upper-class Black folks in my family is astounding. Whether glib statements like “I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t have health care” or more bigoted comments like “Illegals … Read more

Endoscopy management of Sleeve Gastrectomy Stenosis. What we learned from 202 consecutive patients

Abstract Background Gastric sleeve stenosis (GSS) is described in 1-4% of patients. Objective To evaluate the role of endoscopy in the management of post Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (LSG) stenosis, using a standardized approach according to the characteristic of stenosis. Setting Retrospective, observational, single center study on patients referred from several bariatric surgery departments to an … Read more