Importance of Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups Near Me | Maryland Bariatrics

Bariatric surgery can be a life changing event for patients struggling with obesity. However, a weight loss surgery support group is essential to success. Meeting with other people who are or have been in your same position is a great way to stay motivated and adjust to life after bariatric surgery. Here are some of … Read more

Umbilical Hernia Symptoms and Treatment | Maryland Bariatrics

Umbilical hernias are a bit different than other types of hernias. To understand them better, lets look at umbilical hernia symptoms and treatment. What is an Umbilical Hernia? An umbilical hernia occurs when part of your intestine bulges out through an opening in your abdominal muscles, near your belly button. These hernias are common and … Read more

How to Choose a Bariatric Surgery Center Near Me | Maryland Bariatrics

Choosing a bariatric surgery center near me can be overwhelming. After all, you want the best care, and it can be hard to decide which surgeon is best for you. Here are some tips for choosing a bariatric surgery center near me. Bariatric Surgery While diet and exercise are great ways to lose weight and … Read more

Hiatal Hernia Symptoms and Treatment | Maryland Bariatrics

Understanding hiatal hernia symptoms and treatment options is important. If you suspect you have a hiatal hernia, you should speak to your doctor. Here’s what you need to know about hiatal hernia symptoms and treatment. Hiatal Hernia When the upper part of your stomach bulges through the diaphragm, a hiatal hernia occurs. The diaphragm is … Read more

Best Accredited Bariatric Surgery Centers Near Me | Maryland Bariatrics

When it comes to your health, you deserve the best. That’s why you should choose one of the best accredited bariatric surgery centers for your procedure. Accreditation shows that your provider and staff are trained and knowledgeable. Here’s what you should know about the best accredited bariatric surgery centers near me. What Accreditation Means The … Read more