Worst Medical Flaws: Misdiagnosed Depression in Adolescents

Over-Treatment Misdiagnosed depression is more common than you might think. Not only, but also many conditions have similar symptoms of depression, such as issues sleeping, sluggishness, and fatigue. So, this unfortunate situation is not all that surprising if you think about it. The problem is that this false diagnosis means that the depression is not … Read more

Best Medical Compression Stockings for Women

Compression stockings improve your blood flow. They can lessen pain and swelling in your legs. They can also reduce your chances of getting (DVT), a type of blood clot, and other circulation problems.  This is why people wear compression stockings — generally for comfort, to do sports better, and to help prevent severe medical conditions. … Read more

The Growing Knowledge Gap in the Treatment and Management of the Disease of Severe Obesity in Medical Training : Bariatric Times

by Eileen R. Smith, MD; Bradley S. Kushner, MD; Michael M. Awad, MD, PhD; and Shaina R. Eckhouse, MD All authors are with the Section of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Department of Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis, Missouri. Funding: No funding was provided for this article. Disclosures: Dr. Shaina R. Eckhouse accepts … Read more

The Most Important Information to Include on Your Diabetes Medical ID Bracelet

Share If you have diabetes, it’s important to always carry your medical identification (ID) with you. This is especially true if you are ever in a situation where you need emergency treatment and cannot communicate for yourself. A diabetes medical ID bracelet can provide critical information about your condition to first responders or doctors. This … Read more

‘They can’t ignore us any more’: five women on long Covid and medical misogyny

In June, Dr Massimo Galli, a well-known infectious diseases specialist in Italy, disclosed that since contracting Covid in January, he had experienced widespread muscle pain and “a fair amount of fatigue that I did not have before”. The interview, headlined My Long Battle With Long Covid, contained a mea culpa: Galli confessed that he had … Read more

Can long Covid research unlock other great medical mysteries of our time?

As the coronavirus grew from a fleeting concern to a full-blown panic, Lili Lim started to hear about people for whom the illness lasted weeks or even months. There were news stories of young people that couldn’t shake their fatigue or cognitive malaise, of folks who had to quit their job due to debilitating exhaustion. … Read more

SA’s first Shariah Compliant medical scheme arrangement a success story for the Muslim community | The Citizen

Discovery Health continuously invests in ongoing research and innovation aimed at extending access to affordable, quality, private healthcare to ever more people in our country. “In collaboration with a Shariah consultant and Islamic Scholars, we understood that a large majority of the South African Muslim population are currently uninsured. There are pockets of the community … Read more

Medical Student Shares His Tips for Fighting Depression | Nicolas’ Story

About Nicolas: I am currently a second-year medical student at the University of British Columbia. I love going to the gym, playing soccer, and hanging out with friends and family during my free time. WHAT WAS THE MAJOR TURNING POINT IN YOUR RECOVERY FROM DEPRESSION? I suppose there were a couple of turning points. The … Read more