PinkPantheress Cried While Singing “Misery Business” With Paramore

The Paramore Renaissance is in full swing and it’s giving us plenty of precious moments that we’ll be cherishing forever. Case in point: an impromptu duet from lead singer Hayley Williams and PinkPantheress. Paramore — who recently announced their upcoming sixth album This Is Why — played both weekends of the 2022 Austin City Limits Music … Read more

Midterm Misery? A Psychologist Offers 10 Tips to Manage the Uncertainty and Stress of the Midterm Elections

Well-meaning advice for people overwhelmed by current events often includes encouragement to be patient, stay calm and keep the faith… but how are you supposed to do that amid the political division and constant flood of upsetting news stories? As a practicing clinical psychologist and professor who studies how to manage anxiety and tolerate uncertainty, … Read more

Engineers breach Pakistan lake as flood misery grows for millions | The Citizen

Engineers breached Pakistan’s biggest freshwater lake to drain water threatening nearby towns, officials said Monday, as heavy rain poured misery on millions affected by the country’s worst floods in history. Nearly a third of Pakistan is under water — an area the size of the United Kingdom — following months of record monsoon rains that … Read more

Why Walmart decided to finally put Massmart out of its misery | The Citizen

Perhaps this was the plan all along? It is difficult to see any other outcome than the announcement by Massmart that it had received an offer from parent Walmart for the shares in the group it didn’t already own. For a start, in 2019 Walmart company man Mitchell Slape was parachuted in to fix the already ailing … Read more

‘It’s misery:’ N.S. women fight province for out-of-country health coverage |

Two Nova Scotia women are seeking a judicial review of decisions made by the health department to refuse out-of-country coverage for their surgeries. Jennifer Brady is a single mother living with lymphedema, a progressive disease that causes lymphatic fluid to build up, leading to painful swelling. She acquired the condition three years ago after cervical … Read more