China continues lifting Covid restrictions despite near-record case numbers

Covid-19 testing booths were removed in Beijing on Friday, while Shenzhen followed other cities in announcing it would no longer require commuters to present their test results to travel, as an easing of Covid restrictions in China gathered pace. As daily cases hovered near all-time highs, some cities took steps to loosen coronavirus testing requirements … Read more

Covid-19 case numbers exploding across Australia as fourth wave takes off

The number of active Covid cases has exploded across the country as Australia enters its fourth wave, prompting renewed warnings to protect vulnerable aged care residents. Jurisdictions collectively recorded more than 58,000 new cases of Covid in the past week, with some states reporting a doubling in the number of people hospitalised with the virus. … Read more

Long Covid’s astounding impact, explained in numbers and charts – video

We are all eager to move past the pandemic but long Covid is a result of Covid-19 that will linger for years to come. Long Covid is a catchall term to describe an array of symptoms people experience weeks or months after they recover from Covid-19, usually when they are no longer infectious. Some people have reported … Read more

R.I.P. The cold, hard numbers and facts behind rappers’ murders and the burning question: why no change?

(November 6, 2022).  When Takeoff (real name: Kirshnik Khari Ball), one of the founding members of the rap group Migos, was murdered on Tuesday, November 1 at a Houston bowling alley, it was yet another reminder of how dangerous it is to be young, male and Black in America. R.I.P. Kirshnik Khari Ball a/k/a Takeoff (1994-2022) … Read more

New Music – Odd Numbers & Wallfella ‘Step Back’ Single Review | Yack Magazine!

A record skips through a vintage vinyl beat laced with intelligent intricate lyrical depth; this is a timeless track that packs a punch. The tickle of the piano has a super lo-fi chill to it as it leads into the crisp snap of the drum and the onslaught of the ensuing quick fire bars. ‘Step … Read more

Autumn Covid numbers peak at lower levels – but flu cases are on the up

Britain’s current wave of Covid-19 cases appears to be peaking at a lower level than previous outbreaks of the Omicron variant of the disease, researchers have revealed. The news is encouraging – though scientists have also warned that a further wave of the disease could sweep the nation before the end of the year. “We … Read more

The astounding impact and reach of long Covid, in numbers and charts

Earlier this year, CDC researchers pored through millions of American health records looking for patients who might have long Covid. But figuring out who has the condition isn’t easy. That’s because there is no test for long Covid. In fact, scientists still don’t know what exactly causes it. Long Covid is a catchall term to … Read more

Counting down: The 95th Comrades Marathon in numbers | The Citizen

Logistically, the Comrades Marathon is one of the most complex mass participation events that take place in the world of sport. Held between Pietermaritzburg and Durban, the ‘down’ run on Sunday involves thousands of runners, volunteers, security staff and medical experts. We take a look at some of the numbers which tell the story of … Read more

Canada’s monkeypox cases hit 300 as numbers exceed 5,800 globally – National |

Canada has now confirmed 300 monkeypox cases as of July 4, according to an announcement from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) on Monday. Quebec has once again reported the highest number with 211 cases, while Ontario has reported 77 cases. There are also eight confirmed cases in Alberta and four cases in British … Read more