Fort McKay: where Canada’s boreal forest gave way to oil sands | The Citizen

The acrid stench of gasoline permeates the air. And the soot coats everything in sight: the trees, the bushes, even the snow in winter. And all day long, explosions send the birds soaring to safety. At Fort McKay near Fort McMurray in western Canada, in the heart of the country’s boreal forest, the pines and … Read more

Nightmare Atlantic oil spill ‘could happen again’ | The Citizen

It was one of Europe’s worst-ever environmental disasters. But 20 years after the oil tanker “Prestige” broke apart off northwestern Spain, covering thousands of kilometres (miles) of Atlantic coast with crude oil and killing 200,000 seabirds, some fear it could happen again. The tragedy unfolded just off one of Spain’s most scenic coastlines, turning the … Read more

Libya aims to nearly double oil output by 2027 -NOC head | The Citizen

Libya is aiming to nearly double its oil output to two million barrels per day by 2027, the head of its National Oil Company has said. “We’re working on raising production to two million barrels per day in the next three to five years,” Farhat Bengdara said in an interview with Sky News Arabia, posted … Read more