We Talked to Five Young Voters About Crime and Policing

The question of what makes us feel safe is a complicated one, especially for Gen Zers. It’ll soon be six months since the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The four-year anniversary of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida was earlier this year and the 10-year anniversary of the shooting … Read more

Our State Lawmakers Tried to Block College Students From Voting

“If you’re a college student in Montana and you don’t have a registration or a bank statement or a W-2, it makes me kind of wonder why you’re voting in this election anyway,” said House Speaker Wylie Galt when SB 169, a voter ID bill disenfranchising students and other voters, was passed by the Montana … Read more

This Dull-Sounding Electoral Practice Fuels Mass Incarceration

Every 10 years, the Census Bureau attempts to count every resident in the United States. This process incites prison gerrymandering, which means counting incarcerated people as residents of their prison cells rather than as residents of their home communities. Because this population data is used to draw electoral maps, the practice severely limits political representation … Read more

Some School Districts Are Bringing Police Officers Back

But experts who have studied police in schools note a lack of evidence to suggest that police improve safety. A review of the research on school police released in May by the education nonprofit WestEd found no link between placing police at schools and prevention of crime. Meanwhile, the bulk of the research on the … Read more

Young Organizers Are Ditching the Obsessive Focus on Voter Registration

Talking only about the youth vote is not effective for young folks, Rahhel says: “I think midterms are important, and I don’t want to diminish their importance, but I think so many people talk about long-term work and long-term power-building with young people, but then just kind of pause for the election.” Instead, Minnesota Youth … Read more

What I Wish I’d Known Growing Up As an Asian American Disabled Girl

Hello! Hey there, I got your email, letter, tweet, or direct message. Or maybe I met you at an online event or at a party pre-pandemic. Or maybe I met your mom one time I was shopping, and she stopped me and cried, telling me how amazing it was to see someone like you out … Read more

Odessa Kelly Explains What ‘Defund the Police’ Really Means

That’s what drives me to stay engaged when change feels impossible. It’s okay to be frustrated, but don’t let it deter you from the challenge of building the country you want. 4. If you could snap your fingers and change two things about politics in the United States, what would they be? Enact Medicare for … Read more

What I Mean When I Say ‘The Future Is Disabled’

At the core of my work and life is the belief that disabled wisdom is the key to our survival and expansion. Crip genius is what will keep us all alive and bring us home to the just and survivable future we all need. If we have a chance in hell of getting there. Yet … Read more

BIPOC Youth Are Gardening to Feed Their Communities

At just 9 years old, he was making his own soaps and, by age 11, started giving away a percentage of his sales to organizations that helped his family when he was homeless. He then began donating his soap directly to the homeless, giving away more than 22,000 bars over time. While spending time abroad … Read more

The Feminist Bird Club Wants You to Know Birding Is for Everyone

Feminist Bird Club did not invent this work. It has taken and continues to take its cues from a rich tradition of outdoor organizing by groups like Latino Outdoors, Hike Clerb, and Outdoor Afro, and we partner with these groups and others to keep our portion of this work strong and vital. We’re not the … Read more