WATCH: Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan survives ‘assassination attempt’ | The Citizen

Former Pakistan Prime Minister and cricketer Imran Khan has survived an assassination attempt. The 70-year-old Khan was wounded on the foot when shots were fired from the crowd during a political rally near the city of Gujranwala on Thursday. Khan was giving a speech to supporters when the shooting happened. He was taken from the … Read more

After the floods, a wave of disease plagues Pakistan | The Citizen

His head haloed by a whirlwind of mosquitoes, Aamir Hussain stands on the roof of his home in southern Pakistan surveying the fetid floodwaters all around. Four months after the start of record monsoon rains linked to climate change, the standing water has curdled into a pestilent soup breeding malaria, cholera and dengue. The UN … Read more

Pakistan floods: WHO warns against ‘wave of disease’ – National |

The World Health Organization raised the alarm Saturday about a “second disaster” in the wake of the deadly floods in Pakistan this summer, as doctors and medical workers on the ground race to battle outbreaks of waterborne and other diseases. The floodwaters started receding this week in the worst-hit provinces but many of the displaced– now … Read more

UN preparing for worse to come in Pakistan floods | The Citizen

The United Nations warned on Tuesday the humanitarian situation in flood-ravaged Pakistan was expected to get worse, a day after establishing an air bridge to deliver aid to victims. More than 33 million people in Pakistan have been affected by the flooding, brought on by record monsoon rains amplified by climate change. The floods have … Read more

Engineers breach Pakistan lake as flood misery grows for millions | The Citizen

Engineers breached Pakistan’s biggest freshwater lake to drain water threatening nearby towns, officials said Monday, as heavy rain poured misery on millions affected by the country’s worst floods in history. Nearly a third of Pakistan is under water — an area the size of the United Kingdom — following months of record monsoon rains that … Read more

Pregnant women caught in Pakistan floods desperate for aid | The Citizen

With a swollen belly, aching feet and her four-year-old daughter in tow, Fahmidah Bibi keeps an eye out for a doctor who is rumoured to be due a visit at the campsite she now calls home, after being forced to flee her village because of flooding. The camp, in the grounds of a small railway … Read more

Pakistan flood victims suffering from waterborne diseases as rains recede – National |

Officials in Pakistan raised concern Wednesday over the spread of waterborne diseases among thousands of flood victims as waters from powerful monsoon rains began to recede in many parts of the country. Massive flooding from the rains since mid-June has killed at least 1,162 people, a phenomenon experts blame on climate change. Some doctors said … Read more

A Third of Pakistan Is Currently Underwater From Flooding

This piece was originally published by Vogue. A brutal monsoon season in Pakistan has led to flooding that, as of Tuesday, covered a third of the South Asian country and killed more than 1,100 people. “As we continue to see more and more extreme weather events around the world, it is outrageous that climate action … Read more

Economic deluge nigh in Pakistan | The Citizen

The videos of the catastrophic monsoon floods in Pakistan are scarcely believable; such is the vast volume of water tearing down mountain valleys, carrying away everything before it. Reports say the floods have submerged a third of the country, killing more than 1 200 people and leaving millions homeless. The physical devastation is about to … Read more

Tens of millions battles Pakistan floods as death toll rises | The Citizen

Tens of millions of people across swathes of Pakistan were Monday battling the worst monsoon floods in a decade, with countless homes washed away, vital farmland destroyed, and the country’s main river threatening to burst its banks. Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman said a third of the country was under water, creating a “crisis of … Read more