Crunchers Party Mix!

The best part of a party is enjoying what everyone else is having but not hurting your weight loss goals! The beauty of this recipe is that it works for any occasion or even just an at home movie night with the family! Next time you’ve got a gathering of friends break out a pretty bowl … Read more

Party Food At Goal!

Post ops who Live at Goal do not ‘have a treat at Grandma’s house’ or convince themselves that chips or pigs in a blanket are okay in moderation or on a special occasion. Instead, they make beautiful food that allows them to maintain their new weight. There are fresh wonderful choices that tickle the taste … Read more

Kim Kardashian Mistakenly Wore a Halloween Costume to a Regular Party

Feeling blue? Here’s something that might cheer you up: Kim Kardashian committed one of the greatest fashion faux pas of all time, the kind you thought happened only to Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.  Kim K, all decked out for Halloween as Mystique from X-Men (a.k.a. the shape-shifting character played by both Rebecca Romijn and … Read more

Hailey Bieber Wore Lingerie for Doja Cat’s Costumed Birthday Party

Doja Cat celebrated her birthday with a star-studded party. All your Hollywood faves including Hailey Bieber, Normani, and Kendall Jenner were in attendance, and based on social media posts, the dress code was lingerie.  According to People, Doja Cat decided on a masquerade themed celebration for her 27th birthday. Stylish details from the huge bash … Read more

What the Democratic Party Is Missing About Young Voters

Recent Democratic accomplishments are popular with young voters, with one of the major wins being student loan debt forgiveness. Two-thirds of surveyed voters support the Biden administration’s forgiveness plan, and 40% of voters say student debt forgiveness has made them more supportive overall of Biden and the Democratic Party. Among respondents, the most popular proposals … Read more

Western Cape speaker facing motion of no confidence from his own party | The Citizen

The wrangling between Western Cape legislature speaker Masizole Mnqasela and his party, the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) top brass has seemingly reached full circle, with the party proceeding with a motion of no confidence to remove him. In May, the party suspended Mnqasela, pending on allegations of corruption and irregularities related to subsistence, travel and entertainment … Read more

Why Costa Rica’s Utopian Jungle Festival, Envision, Is “Much More Potent Than Just a Good Party” –

Picture this: You wake up in a custom two-floor bamboo treehouse, go to an hourlong Acro-Yoga session and then treat yourself to a refreshing elixir from The Village Witches. Then you attend a mind-blowing workshop about the mycelium network from none other than Paul Stamets himself, grab a bite to eat and you’re on your … Read more

Death Party Playground and the moving melancholia of ‘Summer Fang’ (Official Video)

  “If your knees are weak / And you’re cold in the summer / Just some kind of freak / Alright, alright / Well, I couldn’t be honest / If I could tell you I might…” The somber reflections of ‘Summer Fang’ by Waterloo, Ontario’s Death Party Playground is the kind of piano ballad that somehow makes you feel terribly sad … Read more

Former DA KZN leader Zwakele Mncwango quits as MPL, party chief whip | The Citizen

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has lost yet another high-profile leader after its chief whip in the KwaZulu-Natal legislature, Zwakele Mncwango, resigned as a member of the provincial legislature (MPL). Zwakele Mncwango steps down Mncwango, who is the DA’s former leader in KZN, made the announcement on Wednesday morning. He is expected to step down from … Read more