As Matt Hancock faces more TV trials, his constituents face real-world problems

If he harboured any doubts about his decision, Matt Hancock gave little hint this week when challenged by a fellow I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! contestant about his decision to abandon his duties as an MP. “Rishi’s great. We’ll be fine,” came the breezy reply from the former Health Secretary as … Read more

Richie Culver finds faith in Create A Lifestyle Around Your Problems

Filmmaker and Participant Records co-founder William Markarian-Martin captures iconoclast, outsider artist Richie Culver in his mother’s house near Hull, revisiting the home town he spent his entire young adult life trying to escape. The resonant barrage of concrète clatter and MRI machine churn of ‘Create A Lifestyle Around Your Problems’ swells at the beating heart … Read more

Immune reactions to severe Covid may trigger brain problems, study finds

Severe Covid infections can cause immune reactions that damage nerve cells in the brain, causing memory problems and confusion, and potentially raising the risk of long-term health issues, research suggests. Scientists at King’s College London found that a wayward immune response to the virus increased the death rate of neurons and had a “profound” impact … Read more

Prenatal acetaminophen use linked to sleep, attention problems in preschoolers

Acetaminophen use during pregnancy is associated with sleep and behavior problems consistent with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to a study by Penn State College of Medicine researchers. Acetaminophen is a common drug used to treat a variety of issues, including fever, infection, muscle pain, headache, migraine, colds and allergies. Traditionally, the medication has … Read more

DStv Delicious Festival rocked by fake ticket problems | The Citizen

The highly anticipated big day of the DStv Delicious Festival has arrived, however there have been a few delays and hiccups. The first day of the DStv Delicious Festival on Saturday will see headline artist Burna Boy perform at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in Johannesburg. But festival goers have shared their frustration on social media … Read more

Problems persist for kids exposed to cannabis in the womb: Research finds kids with prenatal exposure show more signs of psychopathology

Children who were exposed to cannabis in the womb continue to show elevated rates of symptoms of psychopathology — depression, anxiety and other psychiatric conditions — even as, at ages 11 and 12, they head toward adolescence, according to research from the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences’ BRAIN Lab, led by Ryan Bogdan, associate … Read more

Amonge Sinxoto’s Blackboard Africa prepares youth to address continent’s problems | The Citizen

Young people need to find their voices and celebrate their identity, says Amonge Sinxoto, a 21-year-old youth activist and founder of Blackboard Africa, who aims to redefine the African youth narrative. Through youth-led projects, the young activist defines herself as a social architect. “I am someone who is invested and interested in building our society … Read more

5 Common Diabetic Foot Problems To Know About

Living with diabetes isn’t easy. There are many conditions associated with diabetes you need to be aware of so that you can better protect yourself against them. Note that these conditions aren’t the end of the world and if you know how to cope with them, it will help significantly. Learn more about five common diabetic foot problems you should know about below.

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Sleep problems: When a good night’s sleep is just a dream | The Blurt Foundation

Many of us find sleep tricky. Whether we’re too busy to go to bed on time, frequently lie awake until the early hours, or have a toddler who apparently thinks 3am is morning, sleep problems can be a real struggle. In fact, in 2020, the Mental Health Foundation found that 48% of adults and 66% … Read more

Long-term changes in dietary intake and its association to eating-related problems after gastric bypass in adolescents

Abstract Background Roux-en-Y Gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery is an established effective treatment for severe adolescent obesity. Long-term dietary intake and the relationship to eating-related problems are scarcely evaluated in this population. Objectives Assess changes in dietary intake in adolescents after RYGB and explore associations between dietary intake and eating-related problems. Setting University hospitals, multicenter study, … Read more