Clashes in Shanghai as protests over zero-Covid policy grip China

Hundreds of demonstrators and police have clashed in Shanghai as protests over China’s stringent Covid restrictions flared for a third day and spread to several cities, in the biggest test for president Xi Jinping since he secured a historic third term in power. The wave of civil disobedience is unprecedented in mainland China in the … Read more

Xi unlikely to tolerate dissent as momentous protests shake China

Just five weeks after being elected to a historic third term, President Xi Jinping suddenly faces cracks in the facade of unchallenged authority that he so successfully presented to the world at the 20th national congress of the Chinese Communist party. For groups of protesters, apparently without central coordination, to take to the streets across … Read more

‘Xi Jinping, step down!’: anti-lockdown protests spread across China – video

Demonstrations have broken out in cities and university campuses across China amid widespread anger at Covid lockdowns. The wave of civil disobedience was triggered by an apartment fire on Friday in which at least 10 people died in the west Xinjiang region. In an unusually bold act that appeared to indicate the level of people’s … Read more

Anti-lockdown protests spread across China amid growing anger at zero-Covid strategy

Demonstrations have broken out across Chinese cities and university campuses, triggered by widespread anger at stringent Covid restrictions imposed for almost three years and outrage over a deadly fire widely blamed on lockdowns. In an unusually bold act showing people’s desperation, a crowd in Shanghai called for the removal of the Communist party and Xi … Read more

China: protests break out in Xinjiang following deadly high-rise fire under lockdown – video

Protests have broken out in China’s far western Xinjiang region, in the latest demonstration of public anger towards the country’s zero-Covid policy and strict lockdown rules. Crowds chanted ‘End the lockdown’ at hazmat-suited guards following a fire in a high-rise building that killed 10 people in Urumqi, Xinjiang’s capital. According to users on Chinese social … Read more

Covid lockdown protests break out in western China after deadly fire

Protests have broken out in China’s far western Xinjiang region, with crowds shouting at hazmat-suited guards after a deadly fire triggered anger over their prolonged Covid-19 lockdown as nationwide infections set another record. Crowds chanted “End the lockdown,” pumping their fists in the air as they walked down a street, according to videos circulated on … Read more

Workers in running battles with police in protests at largest iPhone factory in China

Police in China have dealt out beatings to workers protesting over working conditions and pay at the biggest factory for iPhones, as the country tries to contain a surge in Covid-19 cases. Videos online showed thousands of people in masks facing rows of police in white protective suits with plastic riot shields. Police kicked and … Read more

Protests break out at Covid-hit iPhone factory in China

Large-scale protests broke out at Foxconn’s vast iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, central China, images circulating on Weibo and Twitter appeared to show. Videos on Wednesday showed hundreds of workers marching on a road in daylight, with some being confronted by a row of riot police and people in hazmat suits. Some videos showed workers complaining … Read more

Why Do All These Universities Keep Taking Right Wing Bait?

“For the 60,000 students across the UF system and the greater campus community, Sasse’s selection represents a new wave of collegiate leadership that has been shaped by the increased confluence of statewide political and academic sectors,” including DeSantis’s administration, UF student Halima Attah wrote for Teen Vogue last week. In response to intense protests from … Read more