‘It’s supposed to be a blessing, not a curse’ – Residents question quality of donkey carts | The Citizen

Barely two weeks after the handover of the controversial animal drawn-carts given to 20 households in Dibono and Manawana villages around Mahikeng, North West, some recipients are complaining their carts are breaking. Unlike some recipients, Mokete Mokoloko had donkeys, which meant he could start operating immediately. Quality of donkey carts questioned “To be honest with … Read more

Why Quality of Life Matters in Chronic Illness Care » Hangry Woman®

Share The other day I had someone leave a comment on my YouTube channel that started off by telling me that I shouldn’t take shortcuts to improve my health, and I just thought…why not? Quality of life is important, and if something like medication, or diet, holistic lifestyle change, or anything else could help you … Read more

Breaking Down the Science: All About The T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative (QIC)

Providing supportive care for those living with T1D is complex and comes with an ongoing responsibility of knowing how to refine best practices and improve patient care. But the process of identifying possible ideas for improvement, testing those ideas, analyzing the results, and then implementing a change in care is not an easy task. It’s … Read more

More Durban beaches closed after poor water quality results found | The Citizen

After conducting water testing along the Durban cost, several public beaches have been closed due to poor water quality. Residents have been advised to stay away from a number of beaches as a result, Berea Mail reports. “The City would like to advise the public that following the latest round of testing, it has taken … Read more

Five tips for selecting a quality dietary supplement – Cecelia Health

Dietary supplements can enhance your diet, but there are possible risks that are also important to consider when selecting whether a supplement is right for you. This is because dietary supplement manufacturers market products in a variety of methods from testimonials, commercials, health claims, to structure/function claims, but manufacturers are not responsible for ensuring their … Read more

Effect of age on quality of life after gastric bypass: data from the Scandinavian Obesity Surgery Registry

Abstract Background Whether patients aged 60 years or older should be recommended bariatric surgery is still controversial. Objective To assess the effect of age on health-related quality of life (QoL) over time after gastric bypass. Setting Data from the Swedish national registry for bariatric surgery. Methods Data of 57,215 patients undergoing gastric bypass were retrieved … Read more