Achieving Reproductive Justice Is Also a Fight for Citizenship

In this op-ed, Marcela Howell, president and CEO of In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda, explores how reproductive justice is also a fight for the full benefits of U.S. citizenship. Since the passage of Roe v Wade in 1973 that constitutionally protected abortion, the reproductive justice movement has been battling to protect … Read more

I Was North Dakota’s Last Abortion Provider

This story was supported by the journalism nonprofit the Economic Hardship Reporting Project. In June, the Supreme Court issued its decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a landmark ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade and eliminated constitutional protections for abortion care. North Dakota was among more than a dozen states with trigger laws … Read more

Phoebe Bridgers Wants You to Know It’s Healthy to Be Angry

“It’s super safe,” she continues, returning to her own experience. “Shout-out to Planned Parenthood. I was very held during it.” Beyond abortion advocacy, Bridgers has made a point of criticizing politicians like Florida governor Ron DeSantis, whose administration architected the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” policies for students. She led a chant of “F**k DeSantis!” during … Read more

Stacey Abrams Joins Latto Onstage for “P*ssy”: “My Body, My Choice”

Rapper Latto and politician Stacey Abrams have a message for voters ahead of the 2022 Midterm elections: “My body, my choice.” Latto is currently the opener for Lizzo’s The Special Tour, which made its stop in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend. Abrams made a surprise appearance during the show, coming out during Latto’s performance of … Read more

How the First Abortion Speak-Out Revolutionized Activism

This story was originally published by Vanity Fair. “I can tell you the psychological and sociological effect the law has had on me: It’s made me angry!” a woman yelled across the crowded auditorium of the New York City Health Department. It was February 13, 1969, and a phalanx of female protesters had dramatically interrupted … Read more

Tish James Wants You to Say the Word ‘Abortion’

I had an abortion. Some of these girls had an abortion. And that will continue here in the state of New York, where abortions are safe and legal. Hopefully, the United States Congress will basically move forward and repeal any attacks on reproductive freedom in this country. TV: There have been many big developments in … Read more

My Journey From Anti-Choice Evangelical to Repro Rights Reporter

Editor’s note: This excerpt has been slightly condensed for length. FOR TWENTY-THREE YEARS, I was vehemently antiabortion. My parents raised my sister and me in a tiny evangelical Methodist church in our West Tennessee farming community, the sort of place where casseroles and cakes appear when something bad befalls anyone within the county lines. Our … Read more

What I Mean When I Say ‘The Future Is Disabled’

At the core of my work and life is the belief that disabled wisdom is the key to our survival and expansion. Crip genius is what will keep us all alive and bring us home to the just and survivable future we all need. If we have a chance in hell of getting there. Yet … Read more

What’s Driving the Surge in Voter Registration?

Skylar used to have a hard time buying into the idea that every single vote counts in a country with 330 million people, but, they say, that mindset has changed: “It’s a silly metaphor, but it’s like turning something in late in school. You can get a zero or a 50%, and 50% is better … Read more

Students at More Than 50 Schools Are Walking Out to Support Abortion Rights

On October 6, classrooms may look a little emptier than usual as students from more than 50 universities, colleges, and high schools across the country plan to participate in the Day of Student Action for Reproductive Justice. The Day of Action, organized by members of the Graduate Student Action Network and the Young Democratic Socialists … Read more