Monaleo Goes Full Scary Slasher Movie in “Body Bag” Music Video

Today, Tegan and Sara have deliver their tenth studio album Crybaby. The twin indie-pop act are at their best on the 12-track project, their first full-length release since Hey, I’m Just Like You in 2019. Crybaby was written during the COVID-19 pandemic but arrives right on time — its sound is aligned with the natural … Read more

The 85 Best Scary Movies Every Horror and Suspense Fan Should See

Looking for the best scary movies? You’re in luck. Many of the most creative, brilliantly original movies made today are horror movies, but that’s not to knock what came before them. (Spoken with a loving side eye toward our pals who think movies that came out before ~1980 can’t actually be that scary.) Whether you’re … Read more

97 Scary Movies to Watch This Halloween Season

If we’re being totally honest, this psychological horror movie, from Iranian-born writer and director Babak Anvari, is maybe the best movie on this list. Seriously, it’s that good. Taking place during the Iran-Iraq war, it tells the story of a mother, Shideh (Narges Rashidi), her young daughter, Dorsa (Avin Manshadi), and a mysterious evil force … Read more