England World Cup success could drive up Covid infections, scientists warn

England’s progress in the World Cup could drive up the number of Covid cases across the country this winter, scientists have warned. Researchers say that mass gatherings in pubs, and in homes where friends and relatives get together to watch the team compete in Qatar, could lead to a rise in infections. They point out … Read more

Scientists of Sound: Dizzy – Barking Dog (Official Video)

Credit: Boy Wonder Ontario’s Dizzy have made their excellent return today with the dazzling new single, ‘Barking Dog’. Soft to start, the track’s slow build is a pin-point cathartic release as swirling angelic vocals soon meet crashing percussion and its driving energy in a wondrous explosion of sound. Singer Katie Munshaw leads Dizzy into its … Read more

Psilocybin research kept ‘in limbo’ by rules and attitudes, say UK scientists

Draconian licensing rules and a lack of public funding are holding back the emerging field of psychedelic medicine in the UK, leading scientists have warned after the release of groundbreaking results on the use of psilocybin to treat depression. The latest clinical trial found that a single dose of the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, … Read more

Scientists of Sound: Tommy Ashby

Following on from last month’s single A Beautiful Day, Scottish songwriter Tommy Ashby returns with his inspiring new effort Not That Far to Go. Prefacing the lockdown, the track served a poignant and self reflective insight in to how to use your time meaningfully. “This song was written just a couple of months before the … Read more

Scientists of Sound: lostboy – The Wake Up

Sheffield’s lostboy has today returned with his exceptionally loud new single The Wake Up. Packed with its protruding basslines and polished anthemic choruses, once more he delivers another stadium-ready rocker with endless energy and charged up charisma. Speaking about the track in more detail lostboy explains: “I saw ‘The Wake Up’ as my opportunity to … Read more

Scientists of Sound: Nathan Archie

Making his exceptional debut, Indiana based rising artist Nathan Archie has today unveiled his stunning offering, Hurt Me Enough. Set to push the boundaries with its 2-step breaks and tinted pop edge, the track serves as a perfect introduction to his warming sound and looks to build magnificently on his amassing TikTok following. Take a … Read more

Scientists of Sound: Priestgate – Some Things Never Change

Photo credit: Stewart Baxter Yorkshire five-piece Priestgate made their exceptional return last week with their aspirant new single Some Things Never Change. Described as an anthemic ode to small towns and growing up, something I certainly relate to coming from the Welsh valleys, the track’s driving choruses and soaring synth sections combine in to a … Read more

Scientists of Sound: Winnie Rader

Making exceptional use of the track’s endearing space comes the stunning new single from Winnie Raeder. With just the fraught fragility of her glistening vocals and softly played acoustic guitar, I Never Danced showcases the broad and varied aspect of her talents and sets about adding another fine effort to her already lustrous catalogue. Commenting … Read more

Nobel Prize in chemistry goes to 3 scientists for ‘snapping molecules together’ – National | Globalnews.ca

Three scientists from the United States and Denmark were jointly awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in chemistry for developing a way of “snapping molecules together” that can be used to design better medicines. Carolyn R. Bertozzi, Morten Meldal and K. Barry Sharpless were cited for their work on click chemistry and bioorthogonal reactions, which are … Read more

Scientists of Sound: Tom A. Smith

With its snarling guitars and sophisticated elegance, Like You Do proves to add another stunning effort to Tom A. Smith‘s already growing repertoire. Produced by none other than Miles Kane the track is filled with soulful grooves and hook laden choruses and sees him enter his most confident phase yet.”Working with Miles Kane was the … Read more