The #1 secret weapon for healing mental health

Life is tough. There is so much worry and sadness. Listlessness, obsessive thinking and overall lack of energy are just some of the symptoms that are telltale signs of underlying depression and anxiety. How do people deal with these mental health issues? There’s medication, of course, but understandably, not everyone is interested in medicating.  Psychotherapy … Read more

Tom Felton Admits His “Secret Love” for Emma Watson in New Memoir

Tom Felton’s new memoir seems to confirm his feelings for Emma Watson haven’t always been platonic.  In the previously leaked foreword of Tom’s memoir Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard, Emma described her Harry Potter costar as her “soulmate,” writing, “For more than 20 years now we’ve loved each … Read more

This Eyeliner Trick Is the Secret to Awakening Tired Eyes

Much to our dismay, it’s quite difficult to mask tired eyes — whether it’s from a poor night’s sleep or just general exhaustion. The eyes tell all! Thankfully, brightening waterline eyeliner can awaken tired eyes in an instant. “It brightens the eyes and by default makes your eyes look more awake!” says celebrity makeup artist … Read more

Jax Calls Out Fashion CEOs With Her Single, “Victoria’s Secret.”

Jax Calls Out Fashion CEOs With Her Single, “Victoria’s Secret.” The punchy, social commentating song is currently at #23 on iHeart’s Top 40. By Sophia J. Petts Jax got her big break as an artist as many did during the COVID-19 pandemic, on TikTok. She was living in LA as a songwriter, making a living … Read more

Tour news: Pavement, Jack White, Machine Head, The Secret Machines, Anand Wilder, more

PAVEMENT A couple years late, Pavement’s reunion tour starts tonight in San Diego. “Last week — We really hit the guitar gym hard,” notes Stephen Malkmus, who adds that “a lot of musical muscle definition will be on display for U who dare cross our path.” The tour includes four shows at Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre. … Read more

Mangaung council whip voted out through secret ballot | The Citizen

Mangaung African National Congress (ANC) chief whip Vumile Nikelo is now an ordinary councillor after opposition parties voted him out through a secret ballot. Nikelo was also council whip. The motion of no confidence, sponsored by the Democratic Alliance (DA), saw some ANC councillors vote along with opposition parties again on Wednesday. At least 46 … Read more

Raid on Trump home sparked by recovery of top secret info | The Citizen

The stunning FBI raid on Donald Trump’s palatial Florida home was triggered by a review of 15 boxes of records previously surrendered by the former US president that contained top secret information — including about human intelligence sources. The FBI, in the affidavit used to justify the August 8 raid of Mar-a-Lago, said it was … Read more

Ariana Grande Shared the Secret to Her Signature Eye Wings

Ariana Grande is no fool in the makeup department. Having performed since she was little, the singer knows how to create a beautiful beat in more ways than one. But, ask her to apply her signature winged liner in front of all of TikTok and that’s a lot of pressure on those musical shoulders. In … Read more


Erica Pinkett reinstates her leading role as ‘Tina’ in the highly anticipated movie Secret Society 2:Never Enough which premiered July 29th, 2022. Viewers around the world fell in love with the friendship of ‘Tina’ and ‘Celess’ (Reyna Love) , the high fashion looks and the drama which ensued for the pair as they navigated their fast paced lifestyle until their secret was exposed in … Read more

Cardi B’s Secret to Shiny Hair Is Found in the Produce Aisle

Cardi B is flaunting inches upon inches of silky, straight hair once again. But make no mistake, this Rapunzel-esque style is not a wig installed by her hairstylist Tokyo Stylez: it’s Cardi’s own hair, and there’s a secret ingredient she’s been using to care for it. On August 10, the Bronx-bred rapper posted a Tiktok … Read more