Exciting New Expansion To Pops Self-Care Platform | Pops Diabetes Care

Pops, the Own Your Life® company, is thrilled to announce the next expansion to its self-care platform. Mina, a Virtual Health Assistant, combined with new devices can now help people living with diabetes also manage their weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. In addition to its innovative all-in-one glucose meter, Pops will offer a cellular connected … Read more

Holiday Season Self-Care Tips

Why does self-care feel so hard during the holiday season? When we practice self-care, what we’re really doing is setting boundaries around our mental and physical health to keep ourselves well. The holiday season creates a perfect storm for neglecting self-care practices because of: Additional emotional stressors and responsibilities , such as navigating difficult family … Read more

Here Are the Best Self-Care Gifts for Your Stressed Out Friends

Self-care is a practice everyone should incorporate into their daily routine. Research shows it’s beneficial for your mental and physical health, which is why gifting your best friends and family members something that will help them relieve stress is a major win in our book.  Though self-care can take on many forms — for some … Read more