Lauren’s 6 Month Update-Down 115 Pounds – BeLiteWeight | Weight Loss Services

Lauren had her Gastric Sleeve Surgery just a mere 6 months ago and is already down 115 pounds! We checked in on her and here is her 6 Month Update and several photos of her progress: “Hi, I am doing well and am down 115 lbs with no problems! Life is great! It’s since … Read more

Bariatric Supplies – Cyber Monday Deals – BeLiteWeight | Weight Loss Services

It’s Cyber Monday and Amazon has some really great deals available…We wanted to share some of our favorite Weight Loss Surgery products that you may find to be helpful, either for after your surgery or presently if you are already a patient. Disclosure: As a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, some of … Read more

Weight Management During the Holidays | Integrated Diabetes Services

So, why is the holiday season so challenging? There are a variety of factors including an increased number of social gatherings with high-calorie food and drinks. This brings a change in the usual social environment making weight management more difficult. There can also be added stress of trying to prepare for the holidays and can … Read more

Joydays Cookies: Life’s Sweeter Without the Spikes! | Integrated Diabetes Services

It’s not often that we get excited about specialty foods that are formulated specifically for people with diabetes. But we were pleasantly surprised by Joydays cookies.  Joydays is a startup company offering low-glycemic snacks based on feedback from chefs, dietitians, and Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialists. Their first line of products (cookies in a … Read more

Mail-order from Canada Offers a Solution to High Insulin Prices | Integrated Diabetes Services

A recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that about one out of five insulin users is forced to ration their insulin due to costs.  This includes people with and without health insurance.  For those without insurance, as well as those with insurance, insulin can wind up costing hundreds, if not thousands, … Read more

Who are you speaking up for in our diabetes community? | Integrated Diabetes Services

The struggles of people with diabetes have increased in visibility in recent years. This has a lot do to with people with diabetes being vocal and making ourselves seen. But it has much more to do with people who don’t have diabetes speaking up for us as well. You see, we are a minority in … Read more

IDS Diabetes Survey: November 2022 | Integrated Diabetes Services

IDS Monthly Survey: November 2022 LAST MONTH’S SURVEY QUESTION: In last month’s edition of Diabetes Bites, we asked for your opinion on the use of dietary supplements.  Here’s how you responded: 11%   I think they are a complete waste of money 10%   I take them, but have serious doubts about their effectiveness 37% … Read more