Our Bodies Ourselves Today Is Bringing Sex Ed to the Masses

In 1970, the feminist text Our Bodies Ourselves brought radical information about sex, health, and bodies that wasn’t common for many at the time. Now, Our Bodies Ourselves Today — a separate but collaborative entity to the original collective — is giving that same gift to a whole new generation. Our Bodies Ourselves Today launched … Read more

These Tennessee Teens Got Together to Fight Their State’s Abortion Ban

Lily remembered the sex education she had in high school. “We went over the human body,” Lily said. “We didn’t really learn about anything involving sex. We just learned about sexually transmitted diseases and that’s it.” To Lily, the abstinence-only curriculum doesn’t make sense. Not only does Tennessee have a high teenage pregnancy rate, but … Read more

The Ongoing Attack on an LGBTQ+ Advocacy Group for Students

In 2021, Phin Flemming-Smith and his mom spoke with Imara Jones on her award-winning podcast, TransLash, about a bill that was making its way through the Alabama legislature. Jones asked Phin how he felt about being an activist at such a young age. He answered, “I’m not supposed to be the spokesperson, representative of, you … Read more

Everything You Wanted to Know About Being Pansexual

Alexa: “If I dig your energy, I dig you.” “I’ve found that being pansexual is extremely empowering as a woman. I don’t feel defined by the ridiculous gender roles of our society,” says Alexa, a 25-year-old who discovered her pansexual identity post-college, when she first fell in love with another woman. “I wouldn’t go so … Read more

The 1990s Safer Sex Parties We Can Learn From

Kathy Brown-Nichols sits in a living room full of other queer Black women. A cardboard box sits on the coffee table. Brown-Nichols reaches in through a flap and feels around — a banana, a feather, a spatula. “You had to put your hand in the box and pull out whatever. Lord knows what it could … Read more

The Roe Decision Is Making Students Rethink Their College Choices

McCaskill suggests that young people research the reproductive rights laws in states where they’re applying to colleges. Fortunately, there’s an abundance of information available online. The 19th, an independent news site, has published a thorough guide to the laws in each state, while The Cut recently published a comprehensive package, which included information on how … Read more