Steven van Betten – I Didn’t Mean To Do That :: Indie Shuffle

Straying for what we normally share, Steven van Betten’s “I Didn’t Mean To Do That” is a more folk-leaning track with a moving message. It’s a song with a strong concept backing it. Multi-colored examples of human mistakes roll off the artist’s tongue punctuated by the refrain ‘I didn’t mean to do that.’ It is, … Read more

charlø – numb :: Indie Shuffle

I’m in love. At first, I wanted to write about charlø’s “numb” because I thought it had that sort of Elohim-like catchiness to it. My goodness, have I been further blown away by this song. Firstly, I tend to resonate with characters and expressions that are of a light and dark nature. “numb” is just … Read more

merci, mercy – Into You :: Indie Shuffle

Meet Me Halfway merci, mercy doesn’t just tell us the truth but injects it with pulsing pop rhetoric and delightful sweeps. “Into You” starts like a slow anthem, but just like its honest, confessional title, the track takes a hard left when it dives into pulsing alt-pop and boy do I love that kick-in. Running … Read more

ALASKALASKA – TV Dinners :: Indie Shuffle

Multichannel Distortion ALASKALASKA gives quiet reflection a synth-pop tv static and the sound is immense. Watching television sometimes becomes a strange thing, you disappear into it, not actually taking in anything at all and just floating in the radio waves. “TV Dinners” is a hypnotic representation of that floating – the slow dissolution into a … Read more