How Long Do Hunter-Gatherers Sleep?

Probably needs 8 hours a night, if not more. And why is the light on?! From The Lancet Neurology: Prospective epidemiological studies in industrial societies indicate that 7 h of sleep per night in people aged 18 years or older is optimum, with higher and lower amounts of sleep predicting a shorter lifespan. Humans living … Read more

Top 5 Baby Zip Sleepers in Organic Cotton To Help Baby Sleep Like…well…a Baby!

When your baby is sleeping, you want the best for them and that includes what’s on their skin. By using baby zip sleepers in organic cotton, you can avoid pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Here are the top 5 to consider! Why Organic Cotton? Before we get to the top 5 baby zip sleepers in … Read more

Kuni – Sleep Baby | Indietronica

Kuni is the project of Eleonora Danese, a singer/songwriter hailing from Rome. The story behind her moniker is really interesting. Kuni, in fact, is short for Kunimitsu, one of the main characters of the super famous videogame Tekken. Since she was a child, Eleonora was obsessed with Japanese culture, so much in fact that she … Read more

Your Guide to Infant Sleep Sacks: Styles, TOG Ratings, and Sizing

No matter the season, cold weather always calls for some hot cocoa and a cozy, plush blanket. Whether it’s for snuggling up inside while your kids jump in the gorgeous fall leaves, sitting on the sidelines while they play spring soccer, or as you all cozy up together watching the snow drift to the ground … Read more

5 Reasons Why Your 8 Month Old Won’t Sleep

Children are a joy but when 8-month-old babies won’t sleep, it is exhausting! As a sleep consultant for over 10 years, I have found there are 5 primary reasons 8-month-olds won’t sleep including a sleep regression, teething, hunger, separation anxiety, and schedule problems. Learn about each reason in more detail below! 8 Month Old Sleep … Read more