Why Spotify and Apple Music haven’t pulled Kanye West’s songs

A week after Endeavor Chief Executive Ari Emanuel called for businesses to cut ties with the artist formerly known as Kanye West after his antisemitic remarks, companies such as Adidas and the Gap stopped working with him. But others, including streamers Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music, still feature Ye’s music on their playlists. Apple … Read more

Taylor Swift’s 10th album ‘Midnights’ crashes Spotify | The Citizen

Taylor Swift’s 10th album Midnights, marking a gradual return to pop for the US singer-songwriter, sparked an online fan frenzy following its witching hour release on Friday – and crashed Spotify in the process. Swifties from the United States to France and Britain were forced to wait patiently for hours to get their first earful … Read more

Spotify celebrates Diwali with a new hub on Andriod | The Citizen

Music streaming giant is celebrating the festival of lights with a new in-app hub honouring the five-day festival of lights. “This year in honour of Diwali, an annual five-day-long festival of lights observed during the Hindu lunisolar month of Kartika, Spotify is sharing the joy of the festival with an enhanced in-app experience,” the music … Read more

How to Promote Your Music on Spotify Using Facebook Ads – SoundCampaing

Did you know that Facebook has a staggering 2.93 billion active users, compared to Spotify’s impressive 433 million? Because of this, Facebook is a fantastic platform for promoting your music and increasing the visibility of your Spotify tracks. The seamless integration between Spotify and Facebook makes them the ideal duo for music promotion. You can … Read more

How to Become a Successful Artist on Spotify [7 Tactics that Work]

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How to Create Your Own Spotify Artist Playlist [in 5 Easy Steps]

With the aid of Spotify, independent musicians can manage their careers freely, even without the assistance of a record label. Both notable names in the music industry and independent artists alike use Spotify extensively. The Spotify artist playlist feature is one thing that is very helpful for musicians. Making a Spotify artist playlist and sharing … Read more

BLACKPINK Dropped New Merch for Their Pop-Up Experience

Can’t stop listening to “Pink Venom” from BLACKPINK? Already racking up the streams of their new album BORN PINK? Looking for a new way to show your love for the K-Pop supergroup? If you’re a BLINK in Los Angeles, you’re in luck! To celebrate the new album, Spotify is throwing the three-day BORN PINK: The … Read more

Spotify Playlist Database: Boost your streams. 3000 Playlists Contact List

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST DATABASE Spotify Playlist Database: Boost your streams. Discover new fans. 3000 Playlists. Getting your music streaming on Spotify is vital, but just because it’s readily available to listeners and playlist curators doesn’t mean they’re going to find you! It’ll take a little work, but here’s the good news: We’ve already done a lot of the … Read more

Hudson Mohawke’s “Cbat” enters #1 on Spotify Viral 50 Charts

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past weekend, you’ve seen or heard “Cbat” by Hudson Mohawke popping up again after 11 years. HudMo is having his own sort of Kate Bush moment as his song “Cbat,” which has been more or less forgotten in the general musical zeitgeist, is seeing a huge viral … Read more